Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A sinner and a saint!

So in the same five minutes, I found John Paul crying because, while playing with the toilet water, the lid fell on his arm, then he rolled ALL the toilet paper off the role, then he crawled over to our kneeler pulling up and looking at the picture of Jesus and laughing hysterically. He does that often with our pictures of Mary and Jesus- I'm pretty sure they've spoken to him somehow because he talks to them like they're in conversation. Mabye our John Paul will be the next visionary! The next Pope! John Paul III!!! Or maybe he will get married and have a fantastic wife and make lots of babies... for now, we'll work on walking. One day at a time.

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Maria said...

So cute. I read about a TP tip for kidlets who enjoying spinning the roll of paper for fun. Before you put the roll on, squish it flat so it bends the cardboard. It won't prevent them from doing it, but it'll slow them down and prevent that crazy spin. Seems simple enough.