Wednesday, May 26, 2010

8 week check up! (revised)

As expected, we have a tall amazon daughter - 95% in height and 75% in weight! She is super happy, a pretty healthy seeing as how she and John Paul have begun sharing. First to be shared is a nasty cough. She loves to be with people and loves to talk... imagine that! I will post a video of her talking as soon as I can.

The night presented us with a 101.5 fever when she woke to eat at 3. That was a first for us as parents, so we put rags under her arms and it broke quickly. Phew! She spent most of the day (after the original post) moaning in discomfort and sleeping. When John Paul had his 8 weeks shots, she slept... for a solid 24 hours. Anyway, it has now been over 24 hours and she is fever free and starting to return to her precious, smiling, people-loving self. Can I just say the Dr. Thompson is the most wonderful pediatrician EVER!!! We often thank God for our health, but it certainly makes us appreciate it when it's gone- an opportunity to offer up our struggles is a good way to look at it- easier said then done, though.

And a new addition to the blog- see the link to videos on the right! We are just now getting this feature through Fotki, so we are slowly uploading ALL the videos since John Paul's birth! Give us some time and check back often- for now, enjoy John Paul in his first 6 months. ADORABLE!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sayings of John Paul - translations included

you white, you kay? = are you alright? are you ok? Spoken when he hurts himself/falls

gotchu pass? = Therese, do you want your pacifier?

you goh kihhh me = you've got to be kidding me!

Hey mama/ hey daddy (laugh while you say it) = said any time he has been separated from either of us for ANY length of time. For example if he was in his room playing and came to see me in the kitchen.

nee me hode jew? = pick me up

they you go = stop singing, mom

What da heck? = seriously, he said it to me.

Wasome befess? = Want some breakfast? Spoken after each wake up or when he's hungry.

comomama, lesgo = Come on, Mama. Let's go. Usually said when I'm nursing T or when he wants someone to play with him.

mocycoh, vrumm vrumm = motorcycle, his first obsession

see wheel mocycoh? = take me outside to see the real motorcycle parked across the street

choo choo twain Thomas = Thomas, the train... his second obsession

watch choo choo twain twacks? = said when he wants to watch the Thomas video over and over and over and over and over again.

fisit. fellof uh da twacks = Fix it... fell off of the tracks. Said when he forces it off so that we will come and play with him. And once we play with him too.

once sa mocycho, ok.= will you make the motorcycle rev up and drive along the floor for me?

We wuh wock you? = Will you sing "We will rock you" (This is the lullaby he prefers when being rocked to sleep... yes the Queen song. Sing it to yourself, then picture David or I rocking a not-yet-2 year old to sleep in his little pajamas with his special blanket and sucking on his pacifier)

Wipe ya hands? = I'm done eating, so wipe my hands so I can get down and play

ooh... = said when suggesting something that he thinks needs to sound like it a good idea. For example (see above translation) "Wip ya hands? Wipe ya hands? ooo, wipe ya hands!"

And for showing off, he knows the "Our Father" the "Hail Mary" the "Glory Be..." and can say most parts of the mass. He doesn't understand when someone says "Can I shake your hand?" but he understands when I say, "Give him Peace" (which is from giving the sign of peace at mass."

He also pretends to be the priest when he sees a circular, flat anything. He will raise it up, whisper something, then genuflect. Seriously.

Why does he talk so much? Have you met me?

Monday, May 17, 2010

A great, long weekend

We were in Baton Rouge for the first half of the weekend, where we were able to see precious friends and their bellies/babies, and then I was privileged to sing in a dear friends wedding (Mrs. Katie Clark Sanford).

God is good to bless us with so many wonderful friends!

An adoring aunt!

This is Liam Kenny Dawson- born back in November, our first nephew, and the cutest nephew EVER!! He's loving, he's funny, and he has the most fantastic parents!!

Oh, and forgive Therese's devil eyes... she's really an angel!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"You think too much"

Is what I'm told every now and then. My thoughts lately? Am I loving John Paul enough? He's been extra emotional and wants to be held ALL the time. Do I indulge? OF COURSE! I'm so in love with the little man, and the thought that I might not be loving him enough since Therese arrived keeps me up at night and in tears on David's shoulder quite often. Does he feel neglected? He's not eating very well. He's not sleeping during the day, he's all runny nosed... what a minute. Runny nose, waking at night, cranky... hmmm.

Doctor's visit reveals an ear infection.

Do I think too much? Probably. Will the medicine fix everything? Probably not, but it's nice to know that it's being taken care of. Besides, John Paul is God's children FIRST, and that means that He can love him much better than anyone. So when I can't get to him right away, it's helps to remember that God will swoop in a help out.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Simple, sweet, and perfect!

This describes both my textbook-baby-of-a-daughter and the swing set that David built from start to finish!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Life lessons

These last few weeks have been rich- with joy, with learning, and with productivity. What do I mean? Why are these pictures so random? I'll explain and we'll see if you can figure out which pictures:

1) Some day when I'm 60, I will want to have a house of screaming kids. One who won't eat veggies and one who is collic-y.
2) A day at the park is a day well spent
3) I will drop everything when John Paul says he wants to hold Therese
4) Infants are so nice and portable
5) Making your toddler sit in his chair until he eats "just one more bite" will lead to sleeping problems for him and the food will NOT get eaten.
6) My kids are the BEST! Like seriously- the best.