Thursday, July 29, 2010


Therese does the following:

1) sleeps from 8 to 4:30 without waking (2 nights in a row, so I'm callin' it)
2) eats at 4:30 then goes back down without a fight and sleeps til 7:30!
3) goes down for naps mostly by herself (a little help from us)
4) can flip back and forth and still go to sleep by herself!
5) takes a long nap in the afternoon and three short ones!
6) can handle her brother going ga ga over her ever time he sees her!

She amazing!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Wainwright family

I sat down and read Rebecca Bawcom's blog and read that her father is so ill that she was having to visit him without any other company. Please pray for them and if you think of it, offer up your frustrations for their family.

To read what I mean, click here

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Double complete rainbow in my front yard!

What does this mean?

And because you tube was created to make fun of people, another video...

Make sure you watch this last one all the way to the end.

Hope a rainbow lands in your front yard today!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

No joke

I put our newly purchased from potty (you know, the frog one that has a face for a splash guard) in the bathroom yesterday. Yesterday Evening...

Kate: John Paul do you want to try and tee tee on the potty?
John Paul: tee tee on the potty? ok

[John Paul sits on the potty naked]

Kate: ssss ssss sss
John Paul: [tee tees on the potty]

I took a picture. Be glad I didn't post it.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mother Theresa relics to Baton Rouge

This weekend in Baton Rouge, Blessed Theresa of Calcutta's sandal, rosary, crucifix, and a lock of hair will be available for veneration. Saturday at St. Patrick's Catholic Church after the 4pm mass and Sunday from 6:30 to 12:30 at St. Agnes church. This of it as a tiny pilgrimage.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Dawson's... and a video

We are the Dawsons! Say somethin'

and here is Therese showing us that she is NOT ready for solids...

Thursday, July 15, 2010

4 months: "I kiss Therese!"

14 pounds 6 oz- 75%
26 1/2 inches- 95%
Head 15 1/2 inches

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Valentine's Day Movie: my review

I decided to rent Valentine's Day while David was out of town. Obviously, I knew it was going to be a chick flick, and though I am fully aware that most romantic comedies are laced with deceit and agendas (and most of the time take us out of reality and plot us back in it only to have higher/unrealistic expectations for our own relationships), I was intrigued. If you're still reading this at this point (which many of you may not be) read on. You'll probably agree with me. Also, thanks, Carrie, for sitting through this movie with you- though you already knew the ridiculousness you were about to re-endure. Warning: if you've not seen it, don't read this.

1. Positives first- Of course, Julia Roberts. A dedicated mom flies for a day to see her son. Notice, though, that she's no longer the female protagonist. Why? She's a happily married, hard-working mother of twins and has decided her roles must say something important and prudent.

2. George Lopez. The ONE- yes only one- character who was a faithful, loving, dedicated, still married man. You had forgotten about him didn't you? There are 2 snippets of him at the end coming home to his family and then spending time with his wife on the swing drinking wine. I'm sure most husbands would love to swing on their kids swing set during the 2 hours (at most) of alone time with their wives.

3. Ashton Kutcher- seriously? The Male protagonist of the movie? Have you seen Punk'd? He wears a pink shirt and hat the entire movie! I know he's a florist, but isn't that weird too? ASHTON KUTCHER, y'all! On the other hand, I was glad to see that after living together (obvious by the first scene of the movie) that his fiance' realized that she didn't actually want to spend the rest of her life with him. But do you think that in real life, his being dumped the DAY he proposed would send him back to hippity hoppinh to a bridge where he thoughtfully tosses the rest of the un-purchased roses into the river only to make out with his best friend? Which reminds me...

4. Jennifer Garner- also a married wife and mother in reality. I just love her! She's always such a precious character in ALL her movies (13 going on 30 being my favorite). Don't you feel so sorry for her? Of course! They give her a super good looking charlie cheater face heart surgeon man for a boyfriend. They got me on that too. They make her a teacher! uh, the sympathy gets deeper and deeper. She, too, gets dumped on, and has the guts (very unlike her character though) to bust him in public and in front of his wife, then goes to meet her pink-shirted best friend- WHO IS THE HOST OF PUNK'S for goodness sakes- and makes out with him at the end of the movie too!

5. Taylor swift- I can't even talk about it. I was nauseated watching her. She's made out to be a complete DITZ, and her relationship is totally superficial, and they make fun of them by calling them "out of touch with reality." Well said, but then WHY do you put them as one of the "end of the night couples" to show how Valentine's day is wonderful for everyone, even superficial high school into-themselves teens? They won't last a week after graduation! Thanks for the oversized bear, spiky-haired boyfriend. (oh, and a Taylor swift song is playing for the last scene.) oh, the humanity.

6. "First time couple" Were we supposed to be happy for them that they made the right decision to wait? Was the girls mom an idiot? I was rehearsing... naked. Give me a break.

7. The precious little boy- the smartest person in the whole movie. Movies are starting to show pivotal scenes using children as the vessel for adults coming to some huge epiphany about life and love. Ergo- our children know better than we do. WRONGO!

8. Super skinny Valentine's day hater from Party of Five- had to have that in there didn't they. The pinata? How timely that Jennifer Garner steps in to do "open heart surgery." You know you were thinking the line before she said it. And when she said it, you thought, "no she didn't really say it"

9. They picked the two most studly attractive men in movies today and made them gay. Really? FYI- This is not a statement on homosexuality, it's just an observation.

Are you still reading this? Ahhh I feel so much better. Here's a picture of John Paul as a prize for sticking it out. I hope David is proud of me for seeing movies the way he does.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dryer sheets and rhodium plating

2 things that give life a little kick!

My mom told me that you can use dryer sheets as dusters... it works so well. And each time I do a load of laundry, I use the dryer sheets and do quick dusting somewhere in the house... wish I would have known this during my nesting phases!

I got my rings cleaned, polished, and rhodium plated the other day. My ring is white gold and almost three years of marriage and 2 babies has taken it toll on my beautiful rings. NOT ANYMORE! My rings look like new! I highly recommend it. It's amazing how seeing your wedding ring shine like the first day you received it gives you a boost and makes you wanna plant a big 'ole fat kiss on your hubby... too bad mine is out of town. Oh well, I'll just look at my rings then.

And here are some cute pictures of John Paul and Therese.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Carolina in my mind... and my husband too.

David is being super youth minister and has gone to North Carolina for the week. They will hike, canoe on Lake Fontana, and end the week with Mass at Camp Kahdalea (the camp where we lived last summer- remember that craziness?)

We are in Baton Rouge with his family until then. It has already been a busy and fun time... busy is good when Daddy's away, ya know?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Christopher Camille Brooksher

Mauree Harris Brooksher (married to Steven Brooksher) was 33 weeks pregnant as of Thursday morning. She was only measuring 29 weeks, and after an ultrasound, she was checked into the hospital in Baton Rouge to be monitored until the baby was born. The next morning, the OB decided that the baby (gender unknown at that point) needed to get out ASAP.

After deciding that a c-section would be better than trying to force her body into labor 7 weeks early (which she was advised would take a very long time and would put her already too tiny baby in distress) Christopher Camille Brooksher was born at 3 lbs 5.5oz and 16 in. He has been breathing on his own since birth (miracle #1), is thriving in his little hot box (miracle #2) and has been sucking well on a pumped bottle (miracle #3). At this point, Mauree will go home Monday while Christopher will stay behind until he is able to better regulate his temperature and can nurse well. It could be his August 19th due date, but maybe before then. I don't have a picture of him except on my phone, but just picture a tiny little man who looks like a fighter and sleeps peacefully inside his little incubator.

Please keep the Brooksher family in your thoughts and prayers.