Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another milestone... first hospitlization

Jacob is home from his little hospital stay. I'll post more later. All in all, the hospital stay wasn't bad at all (minus the lack of sleep). Jacob most likely had/has the croup. So a couple dozen breathing treatments (and Starbucks treatments for me) and he is recovering (i.e coughing it up... yummy). Therese is right behind him, but a 2-year old body can handle it much better than a 5 month old. And David is sick as a dog too... this is giving us a wonderful amount of family time- truly. God is so gracious and providential. What a great way to slid into home for Lent. Will post more later.

(p.s. I was tempted to leave all the typos (including the word "typoe" that I just typed), our schedule is a bit off so Jacob was watching mama do some pilates and moring prayer well before six).

(no really, the more I type the more I make mistake) Stop justifying it KAte)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Therese is 2!

Our baby girl is 2... going on 18. She is curious, opportunistic to the MAX, funny funny, loves to sing, loves to dance, and loves to have her turn! We had a VERY low key birthday party on a school night. Though I consider her a quasi-tom-boy, she seemed to feel very beautiful in her dress. When guests arrived, she approached them and presented her dress with its two candled-cupcake. My experience thus far has been to have had another baby before the youngest turns two. So the 2nd birthday is a very important milestone in the Dawson house... it means the newst baby is at least 4 months old. Will this pattern continue? Ask my when Jacob is 10 months old... it's been the trend thus far. I digress. Focus. Therese- what a BEAUTIFUL baby girl! Did I mention she's decided to potty train? Yes. John Paul is pretty much DONE and Therese is following at a close second. Can anyone say "Phew" or "Giddy-up?" or "ZZZ ZZZ"

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vacation redefined

Well, we were officially a family of five, in our van, headed down I-12 to Florida. David and I knew it wouldn't be sippin' mojitos on the beach all day, and it wasn't. We learned new, beautiful things about each child that we wouldn't have noticed in our usual day-to-day. We nursed a sick almost 2 year old back to health (interestingly enough, it was easier taking care of Therese while on vacation then in a regular week), and we spent wonderful time together. Thank you to Denis and Linda Husers for letting us invade their beautiful condo! We didn't break a thing... except that Therese tore a page in one of the books. Not bad. Thank you Lord for seeing our need to get away and be family.

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