Wednesday, May 13, 2009

9 month stats= We need to fatten him up!

Let's Review- At BIRTH
Head Circumference: 13cm
Weight: 7lb 5oz (75th percentile)
Length: 22" (90th percentile)

At 9 months
Head Circumference: 45cm
Weight: 19.01oz (25th)
Length: 29 1/2" (90th)

We need some help here... I'm not freaking out, but he went from 75th percentile in weight through his 6 month check up to 25th at 9 month. The doc said he's suppose to make us bring him in EVERY MONTH until he's a year because he's dropped "2 lines" on the growth chart, but because he's so happy and active, he just wants me to weigh him on my own while we're at camp and call him to report. My sweet son doesn't take a bottle, and we're in a little stage where he doesn't want ANY solids I give him, just the finger foods. I tried to see if he wanted to feed himself- nope. I think he just has so much work to do on the floor (or to be on my hip all the live long day). What do do? What to do? I need some feedback on this one, ladies!


Claire said...

Well, what my mom told me when we were struggling to get Gabby to eat from a bottle while I was working was... "when she gets hungry enough, she'll eat." In other words, as long as I'm seeing all other signs of healthy (not crying for no reason, or lethargy, or dehydration symptoms, etc.), then I should trust my gut and feel confident that she was getting whatever she needed. Now, my little chunk never had trouble gaining weight (and she turns ONE in 2 days!!), but it did stress me out that she wouldn't eat for 8 hours a day while I was at work (pouring salt into the "mommy guilt" wound, of course).

Helpful? probably not. He will start taking interest in food - try feeding him off your own plate instead of the mushy baby food stuff. Gabby rejected that stuff at 8 months or so, but she'll eat anything now. She even had steak the other day (no lie!). He may just be a food snob. :)

Love you! And SOOOOO jealous of your camp mommy job. Perhaps we'll have to visit in July???

Eat, Drink & Be Merry said...

Hey Kate! This is Rebecca Bawcom(Wainwright) and I came across your blog through Haley Barkers. I just want you to know that we are having the same trouble with Jack, so you aren't alone. Around 6 mths Jack dropped from the 50th percentile in weight to the 15th..then over the course of 4 mths he's dropped to the 5th percentile! Jack had trouble taking a bottle(he was breastfed until about 1 mth ago)..and went from refusing solids to now only liking finger foods and a bottle here and there. We ended up seeing a nutritionist who gave us a calorie mark to shoot for every day(690 calories) and also said we could do 3 scoops of formula per 5 oz. She also suggested adding butter to anything and everything to get in some extra calories when he does eat. To make a long story short...we think this is all rooted from ear infections and teething and its slowly getting better. Jack is meeting all of his milestones and he's a very happy active little baby, so the doctors aren't too worried and said we just need to keep trying. I hope this helps you out, and if anything gives you some peace of mind that you aren't alone! Please feel free to share any ideas you get b/c we are always looking for ways to get Jack to eat more! By the way, John Paul is precious!

geauxcory said...

I wish I could help, but my chunky monkey has always loved to eat.

Elizabeth Delaney said...

I just wrote a comment that was like 3 pages long and it deleted. In fact, I wrote it earlier today but I was too frustrated to try again until just now! : ) Call me when you get a chance - 318-572-3241. I have some ideas : )

Elizabeth said...

You know our saga... Anne Marie finally hit the growth charts at her two year birthday, weighing in at 22 lbs. So not too far off from where John Paul is now. Our doctor has not been too picky about growth charts, as the World Health Org chart is totally different and he feels like America is more on the obese side of the world... I don't know. Anne Marie nursed right through nine months to a year and never liked baby food. And then at a year I just offered her pretty much anything she wanted... jambalaya to bread pudding. We definitely do not hold back on the fats and meat. Ask about giving him meat broths, like a good homemade chicken broth. Easy to do and TONS of nutritional value. I've read that rice ceral and such are just a waste of time when you could be getting so much more caloric bang for your buck out of a tasty chicken or beef stock. Great fats and proteins.

Emily and Adam said...

Um...could he have some of madden's weight. my boy is huge!!
But i am beginning to understand. He is eating less and less..and taking less of the bottle. Good for him i guess b/c he can afford it. But a little scary when I do a complete 360 on you.
Um...can we get the boys together sometime? love u