Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thank you, Maria!

Maria- you and your camera, your bread, your laugh, your photography skills, your insight. A friend like you makes life so sweet!

A playdate that should have been titled a photo shoot with "Pictures by Maria"
Check "Living in Lewis Land" and "7th street syndicate" for more pictures of our time with Benjamin and Sarah Washington, and Maria and Gianna Lewis (seen gazing into the future with John Paul- it's going to happen!)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More no-so-candid wedding pictures!

Come on, girls, let's see them! I'll open up a category... your honeymoon ! I would upload those for sure, but I left my camera in the taxi on the last night! That's right. NO HONEYMOON pictures for us... that is until a precious priest who we ran into at St. Peter's square happened to take a picture of us. So we have 1 picture, and it's of David and I, Father Romel, and our friend and seminarian Jeff Starkovich- they are forever in our hearts!

A tribute to unseen wedding pictures!

You know we look back on our wedding photos with joy, and we display that ones that capture that best moments... and let's face it, that ones that we look the best in. What are blogs for but for posting pictures... all kinds! I call forth your worst wedding pictures! Let's celebrate the beautiful bride and groom... in a not so beautiful moment caught by those photographers we/our dad's paid so much for! I tried to upload 5 different pictures (three times, in fact) but only one at a time would work, so here is mine... your turn!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Sacred Heart

Today is the Feast of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, who is responsible for the spread of the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus: The bleeding heart represents love without holding back. The Thorns around the heart represent total sacrifice, and the fire represents passion. There is also the cross that is on the heart itself, for ALL these things come together when Jesus suffered on the cross.

Here is a link to a prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus- a heart that loved us without holding ANYTHING back. May we live our lives with the same love, passion, and sacrifice.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Doesn't it feel sometimes like we're peeking in on something that we weren't meant t see? I told my OB that we didn't want to look, but then asked if he could see anything (as I did with John Paul to see their reactions). Dr. Darbonne said, "Oh, I never look if you say you don't want to know, because I'll spill accidentally." An honest guy. This ultrasound looks just like John Paul's with the sweet round head and long legs... which my ribs just love! Seeing the baby yawn and move around made me so excited to love on this little one! Can't wait. March 11th, here we come!