Thursday, May 14, 2009

Find It Game: A nine-month old's refrigerator

1) Finger Foods
2) Organic Macaroni-n-cheese so that you don't feel totally guilty about partially hydrogenated soybean oils, but you know that the store brand is the best there is.
3) apple juice container
4) apple juice boxes because he won't take a bottle or a sippy cup without drowning himself
5) containers of opened/unfinished baby food (3)
6) blender container of baby food because he doesn't seem to like the texture of stage 3 baby foods
7) carrots on a plate - his favorite veggie as of lately
8)precious wind-down- beer (gotcha- it's in the door)
9) breast milk in a straw-cup container
10) formula in a sippy cup without the guard on the top (spills everywhere, but he takes it)
11) Cow's milk that expires in a few precious hours.
12) A ham! Thanks St. John School
13) Mommy and Daddy's yogurt (that has little bits of rice cereal soooo)
14) Ridiculously expensive yogurt for baby!
15) Pancake mix- because pancakes are always good!
16) Baking soda- because all this milk is bound to smell up this fridge!

This fridge no longer belongs to us! Our sweet boy is learning his likes and dislikes!

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