Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Going back to Camp!

http://www.adventurecamp.com/images/products/thumb/CampKahdalea.1.jpg If you didn't know, David and I both worked at an amazing wilderness camp up in North Carolina before we ever dated. It's where we met, and it's also where David asked me to marry him! God- in all His humor- has decided that we should go back and work there THIS summer! So will leave behind our little house in Plaquemine LA (and pay the house note online, I guess) and will live in Brevard North Carolina for June and July! David will teach Paddling while John Paul and I will be around camp doing everything else! We are so excited and apprehensive, and- contrary to an earlier notion- we will not be starting out the summer with a baby on the way! That's right, I thought I was pregnant again for like 3 days, but alas, it was just my insanity. Oh well, this will make camp a bit easier. Maybe soon, though. Hooray! Camp or Bust!
Check out the website... and when your kids are older YOU MUST SEND THEM HERE!


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