Monday, May 23, 2011

So, David's in Poland

I promised an explanation for those of you who were curious:

David previously worked for the LA Governor's Program on Abstinence before we were married (I know that sounds wierd. They didn't make him quiet because he got married, he just got a different job, but I am laughing at how that looks). His former boss has been working with many people in Poland- why? because Poland is basically going through what America went through in the 60's- the sexual revolution. So people in Poland (don't know who and can't really be more specific than that) are asking for help in jump-starting Abstinence Education for teens in Poland. They had David help run an "Abstinence Camp" for teens back when I was just pregnant for Therese, and now he went back to be the Key-note at a conference and workshop to train the teachers, so to speak.

That all happened on Friday, and every day since has been stories of his travels around the country. When he gets back, I will post pictures, but I will just say that he's having a great time and has seen at least 17 saint's reliquaries (graves) and who knows how many churches. He said, "I'm coming home a new man." I am pretty much in love with the old one, so this might be interesting. He returns Wednesday. Adrenaline is low over here and it's up to God to fulfill His promise that He would be my strength while David's gone... so... sleepy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

David is on his way to...

Poland... for a week.

Pray for him.

Pray for us.

More later.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Other people's pictures

So grateful for other people (Sarah and Steven) photographing my family!! Here's some Easter shots. Enjoy!

My precious, loving, gorgeous, fantastic, hilarious, David

Sweet Therese Marie!

The ONLY still shot anyone can find of John Paul. With my beautiful nieces Madeline (4) and Anna Kate (2) and my fantastic brother-in-law Steven... on a mule.... that David is driving.

The only picture of all of us... thank you Sarah

My sweet Sister... I miss you!

The ladies!!

And my precious Daddy!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Therese Marie Step in Time!

We rented Mary Poppins from the library. If you remember the rooftop scene where Dic Van Dyke dances to the song "Step in Time"... well Therese couldn't believe what she saw. Here she is, making her debut.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We've had a favorite book at our house entitled Are You a Ladybug? and John Paul knows all about the stages of a ladybug- breaking out of its skin, eating it, eating aphids, breaking out of its skin again... yummy. David discovered LADYBUG LAND at Hobby Lobby. It comes with a certificate that we mailed in and then were sent ladybug larvae (that's right). We put them into ladybug land and watched the larvae do just what the book said. What a treat!

One of the first things we do in the morning.

Daddy showing John Paul how it's "just like in the book"

Ladybug Land! We were given food and a dropper to give them water. You feed adult ladybugs by soaking a raisin in water for 15 minutes. It cost about $20 altogether.

John Paul's comments during his observations:
"Wake up ladybug larvae!"
"The ladybug larvae came in the mail?"
"They're sleeping up high" (they go to the top of the dome to pupate)
"Goodnight Ladybug larvae, you're not the right shape yet!"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blessed John Paul II on Divine Mercy Sunday

Could any other day come so close to the joy of Easter? Our beloved BLESSED (which means he is one step away from being canonized SAINT) John Paul II was made so today, in St. Peter's Square with over a million people in attendance!! Today is the feast of God's mercy... his "unfathomable divine mercy" poured forth from His wounded side. Praise God!!

My only sadness? I bet the number of people who got up to watch his beatification on tv at 4 this morning didn't come close to the number of those who woke to watch the wedding (which I did neither... just sayin). Sounds a bit like Princes Dianna's funeral and Mother's Theresa's funeral which was a week later... sound familiar?