Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"The Struggle with Easter" by Roy Petitfils

This guys wrote a book called What I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me The First Five Years of Marriage which David and I really enjoyed. David sent me this little blog post from him today- it's great!

Struggling with Easter

I struggle with Easter. Don’t get me wrong.  I “get it”, intellectually.  But come early Sunday afternoon, once I’ve awakened from my self-induced, chocolate-rabbit, diabetic coma, I will ask, “Now what?”  How do I translate Christ's Resurrection into my everyday life?   
For a long time I felt Easter was about dressing up to tell God, “Congratulations! You did it! Thanks!”  But God doesn’t need my adulation. It is I who need to give it to Him.  God doesn’t need my thanks; it is I who need to thank Him. So what does thanking, praising and glorifying God do to me?  For me?
God designed us to find what we look for; and we look for what is important to us. The next time you’re preparing to purchase an item, notice how frequently you see it. It’s as if there are more in existence now that you’re shopping for one. The brain, knowing you cannot attend to everything, helps you by drawing your attention to what you deem important. 
One function of religious practice is to help us attend to the sacred in everyday life. But that’s not easy. Death, violence and crime dominate most media, making it seem as though death is more prevalent than life. But that is not the reality.  
Perhaps this is why the Church takes eight days to celebrate the feast of Easter. It seems we need that much time to allow “Resurrection” to sink in. We need eight days of seeing white cloths and flowers, smelling incense and fragrant lilies, singing “Alleluia”, chanting “Gloria”, restating the promises of our Baptism and feelings its waters sprinkled onto our skin – over and over and over again to believe Christ conquered death--and still reigns over it today.
Celebrating Easter helps us to see. It is Christianity's most powerful reminder that Light shines amidst darkness, but we must look for it--for Him. We'll usually find what we're looking for. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Therese Marie is 3!

It was a nice day at the park! Therese was her wonderful life-of-the-party self (with one occasion of pushing cousin Liam right off a ledge). A sweet friend brought a cake for her, and the wind provided for a wonderful breeze while all parents did the typical park dance: "waltzing" between visiting with other adults and tending to/running to save children. As requested, Therese had a "pink and white" party...

 Checking out the cake!
John Paul and Liam playing with some party favors!

We had a little celebration Thursday morning with donuts and her present from us... CANDYLAND!!

 So, Jacob likes to give kisses. It's how he says thank you and sorry.
Therese is such a joy! She lets us experience ALL facets of parenting. She is the life of the party, she's always up for a trip, she loves to walk/dance around the house singing. She likes to be read to and to snuggle. She also like to hop on out of bed and remind us what we forgot to do in an effort to hang out with us a little longer. She is super tall for her age; I wonder what I will do when I have to discipline someone who is taller than me. We are so in love with our little, big girl. For now she remains our only little girl, and she's handling it quite well. She can be as girly as 6 girls, but can wrestle with the best of them. She takes after her namesake, for sure. St T was quite the girly girl, but wasn't afraid to disagree or start of fight in order to make her point. Good to know that our little girl is following the footsteps of a saint... even if it means getting in trouble from time to time. Thank you God for the gift of our Therese Marie!! She is an ASSET to the Dawsons- for we would not be the family we are without her.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Meet Micah... the sneak peek.

We had our 30 week check-up today. David and the kids came. I wish I had pictures of their reactions, because they were priceless. Therese said, "Oh, Mama, your baby is so cute!" When I asked John Paul how he felt about seeing his baby brother on the ultrasound, he said. "I just looked at the tv and then I saw him." (I should have remembered that I was talking to a boy).

And yes, we have decided to name our newest little Dawson Micah. Where did this come from, you may ask? Well you may remember that David gave me a silent retreat for Christmas. While I was there, my prayer went something like this, "Lord, it's just you and me for the next few days. I would really like to use this one-on-one time to hear what You want this baby boy to be named." Over that 3 1/2 days, the name Micah came to me many many times. (I guess that happens when you read the old testament... from the prophet Micah :)  It has since been confirmed in David's prayer as well. I have no problems admitting Micah was not on my/our list... not even on the short list... but Pope Francis wasn't on anybody's list either, and he's blowing me away already, so there's lots of hope.

So enjoy MICAH ... the sneak peek.

 This little profile is my favorite.

 Don't worry, he doesn't have a nose chain or anything... the umbilical cord was in the way the whole time.

 Yes, that's a foot... did I mention his Mama was a Bluebelle?

This funny little face reminds me of the other three.

I have mixed feelings about ultrasound pics. It's as if we're seeing something we're not suppose to. But the gift of life is so precious, and if there is anything that will increase that reality for anyone (including myself) I will post many many more of these. Praise God for the gift of life.

Speaking of the gift of life... stay tuned. Somebody turned three this week!!
(Thanks for capturing this, Maria)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


7lbs 6oz 19 1/2" long:  Sarah meeting Isabelle for the fist time.

 Anna Kate (4) and Madeline (5 1/2). Notice the precious shirts they're wearing. These girls are naturals!

 A Family of 5!!

 I must admit that Sarah took this one because she found it humorous- the giant belly girl holding the newborn. That might explain the expression on my face. I couldn't get enough of this little doll. 
In the words of a friend, "Sarah and Steven have magical DNA and just keep making little Disney princesses".

 This new life will change many things in the Green house... but it doesn't seem to have had an affect on their personalities thus far.

 Going home. I posted this because I can't get over how AWESOME Sarah looks: C-section AND severe bronchitis that had her coughing up lungs prior to and after the surgery (but not during... small miracle?)
P.S. Steven is an even keeled super dad.

 Welcoming her home!!

 Ready to help! These girls are champs!

 I mentioned to Madeline that babies can only see a few inches when they are brand new, so she was making sure that Isabelle could see one of the gifts that she received. 
I guess here is a good time to mention that Madeline is reading MACHINE! I'm talking chapter books, y'all.

 There was a snow storm the day after Isabelle came home, so Steven made this baby snow man.It's the one with the hat and the giant passy... and the two eyes... which my mom though were 2 stones... but they were really rabbit droppings.

Welcome to the world, Isabelle! You have been long awaited for, and you will be loved for a very long time!!

Thanks to Granny and Grandpa for flying me up to be with you during an amazing week!
Click here for a play by play of this week's events.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

In a few short days...

This is a week we have been waiting for 9 months... but really for many years. Sarah's baby (Anna Kate) is a wee 3 months younger than my big boy John Paul- they are 4 1/2 now. These five kidlets have been a blessing to watch... not to mention that they are all super beautiful children (and all look like siblings, though Sarah and I look nothing alike)

So you can imagine our sheer joy when Sarah and Steven announced that they would be welcoming another precious life into their family! And we have had a good time (though miles away) being pregnant together...
And so have the other members of our family...

So on Tuesday, Mama and I will be flying to be with Steven, Sarah, Madeline, and Anna Kate for the arrival of Baby Girl Green!! We are so happy for them, so excited to be a part of it (after all, I promised Sarah that if she would have another baby that I would be there to help. I'm sure it's not the factor that brought baby girl to us, but I am so happy that they took me up on my little idea)

Baby Girl! We can't wait to meet you and love on you...

You are about to enter a wonderful family who will love you more than you can imagine!
Can't wait to meet you!