Tuesday, September 27, 2011

36 weeks and 2 days...

...but who's counting.

Not much to report, except that I have no knew pictures to show you and I can't find John Paul's all-too-important toy train named Spencer. I wonder if I'm the only one who prays about finding her children's toys... feels a little silly. I'm heading to the park to see if he's there. I feel like this is what happens when people lose their pets.

Spencer? Oh Spencer!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A little date...

Wonder what this is about?

After a full day of giving into absolutely every nesting instinct (minus dusting), I headed to my OB for one of those completely unnecessary appointments. Blood pressure check, "belly check", good heart rate on the baby, nothing to report on my end, thanks, see you in two weeks. So superfluous.

At about 4:30 I began to feel some contractions- not weird, it happens all the time now. By 5:15 as David is loading the kiddos into the van to head to daily Mass, they are every three minutes apart without fail, they are relatively intense, and I am nauseated. David heads out to Mass solo and I stay home to twiddle my thumbs and count my contractions. A quick call to the doc who says to "come on in" for a check. Sure. Come on in. To go through all the hooplah and walk out the door hours later paying for a needle and some saline with a bedrest order. No thank you. I'm staying right here!

Around 7:30pm, after a meeting David had, he brought John Paul and Therese to my parents (did I mention what a gift it is to live in the same town as my parents?), David and I stood in the living room praying about what to do... to the hospital we go.

It was quite a time. I really enjoyed the alone time with David, he read magazine articles to me and we had a great time as my contractions got closer together and more intense. Did I mention I am 34 weeks- too early to be doing this? Any way, after some fabulous "checking" of my dilation (I've decided not to describe this lovely part any further) the doc ordered a bag fluids via IV. More reading and laughing together (it was turning into a little date) and a fantastic nurse (Leah at Gautier campus if you're wondering), by 12:30am the contractions has distanced themselves and had become less intense. The end. Not even an order for bedrest (I just love my laid back doctor... David Darbonne... no relation.

We were home by 1am. We slept until 9, and now my children are napping, so I think I will join them. A nice little story for your afternoon. This little man will be hanging out a little longer... oh... did I tell you it's a boy?

Night Night.

Friday, September 9, 2011

An unexpected gift...

So much has been happening these last weeks at the Dawson house. I'll spare details, except to say: a child with fevers, acid bumps, night waking, and a 33-week pregnant mommy.

BUT>>> David and I have been married for 4 fantastic years on the 8th! Praise God for my precious husband!

And the reason for my post...

My sweet friend Nichole Lanthier came to the house with this! A bag FILLED with cloth diapers, inserts, wet bag, diaper pale, and detergent! David and I have been praying about starting cloth diapers... buying diapers for 3 is too many. We had no way of getting these diapers, and knowing this, Nichole (in her own way, which I'll never know) got a hold of enough cloth diapers for both Therese and for the new baby! Thank you Lord for gifting us with precious friends!