Friday, February 26, 2010

For Kate

This is David Dawson, not Kate. I wanted to let everyone know that Kate is on retreat this weekend, something she hasn't been able to do for quite some time, and this particular retreat tends to be a pretty powerful one. Also, yesterday, the first day of the retreat, was her birthday, so I wanted to post this info to ask for your prayers for her. She's such an awesome gift, and I would ask you to pray that she comes to know how much she is loved (especially by her Father in Heaven) through her experience this weekend. It doesn't have to be much--even the smallest prayer, if prayed in sincerity, makes a world of difference. Thanks, and I'm sure Kate will update everyone with how it went.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fun with an Apple

Uncle Joseph's computer was a great source of entertainment yesterday. Enjoy the wierdness. If our faces could morph somehow to show our true personality... I think mine would look like these! And surprise, Carrie! You made the photo shoot!

Friday, February 19, 2010

90 to Nothing = ear infection

We have had the most fun this last week! David was a keynote at the Lake Charles Diocesan Youth Conference, then we headed to Baton Rouge to be with the Dawson's for our sweet Liam Kenny's baptism (hooray! another one set to go for the Kingdom), and then to Lafayette on Mardi Gras day, where John Paul wanted to play parade for a good bit after it was all over (throwing beads to you and yelling "YEAH")! Then we got an added bonus and the chillins (Madeline, Anna Kate, and John Paul) were given the opportunity to ride Popcorn, the Pony. He was a natural! Is this a surprise to anyone?

Unfortunately, a 18 month well baby visit to our fantastic pediatrician showed us that our precious little man (who woke up at least a gillion times last night) has a double ear infection. This is his first one, and I admit that I sort of forgot about those after he reached a year. So smart, Kate. Way to go. Then the two shots in the leg didn't exactly put icing on his cake... not all days can be fun days. But John Paul is such a trooper. I will try my best to post the video I took of him riding- if I have 6 years to let it upload, I will do it.

By the way- we're at 37 weeks!! Woo Hoo. I would like to make it to the retreat I am suppose to attend on the 25th, but after that, I'm game.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Who can forget Putt Putt?

David decided that it was time to introduce John Paul to Putt Putt (or really that we wanted to play and thought he might be able to enjoy it a little). Enjoy it he did... for about 4 holes. He turned it into a basketball-like sport, i.e. throwing it into the hole. Then David and I took turns playing while the other followed him around the course that we had all to ourselves! David did not slaughter me with his score like I thought (which is good because I cry when I don't do well at sports... still... at almost 28 years of age... I know my mother-in-law is really laughing at this statement). We then ventured to Mr. Gatti's... you Lake Charles people know the sheer delight in store for us there. David and John Paul went to Gattiland and won 112 tickets. What did we take home? A 2" plastic puppy that you can squeeze and his eyeballs pop out (so safe) and three little plastic frogs that you press the back and that jump... ya know? So worth watching John Paul (even if Gattiland is merely a little children's gambling establishment). Great day... great great day.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


To a precious friend, a loving and devoted wife, a supermom of two gorgeous children, a thoughtful friend, a creative mind, a humble handmaid of God, and woman after God's heart, a super fun person to be around, the godmother of our John Paul, and a true treasure in our lives. We love you, Kate! Fell free to move back to Louisiana any time!