Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life is good!

I remember when in the first few weeks of John Paul's life, I cried at the idea of having more than one, though David and I have prayed that God will load us up with kids. I realized recently that my nine-month old has become more fun than he is work. I don't know if that changes, as I'm sure it does from time to time. He's also officially sleeping through the night (if you are Laurel, Shane, or any other mommy with a younger baby who sleeps through the night, no comments please). We are nursing at 8:45pm, than not until 4 - 5:30am, and then waking up at 6:45. If I could change one thing in my life, it would be the fact that benadryl for my allergies makes it really tough to get out of bed at that time... aren't I such a brat? Oh, and I guess I would have taken away the incident yesterday when I found John Paul pulling push pins out of a bulletin board that I haven't baby-proofed. Do all first time parents feel like they have to baby proof as they find their children nearly choking/dying/falling/crashing/eating/etc? I'll work on it.


Elizabeth Delaney said...

He is unbelievably cute. So glad he is sleeping better! Jackson didn't sleep through the night until around that age either, and even up to a year he woke up at least once. Cooper slept through the night when he was 2 months old - for a solid 4 weeks. Then, he decided that was boring and has since then woken up twice everynight to nurse. The last two nights he woke up 4 -5 times. Goodness gracious, I am a zombie. Anyway, I think it does get more fun, less work as they approach one. And for me, One Year Old was the happiest, easiest, and best time!

Maria said...

That is a face FULL of joy. I'm with you on the childproofing. Each child seems to have their own little fascinations which requires CONSTANT proofing (and heart attacks for Mom.) Neverending. Exhausting.

Shane F said...

Hey Girl!!! Just reading this post and laughing! Don't you worry one bit-that child that once slept from 10-6 has since changed and now is waking up twice during the night. I knew it wasn't going to last. I am so happy that John Paul has made the turn! I'll call you soon so we can chat about getting together!