Thursday, October 31, 2013

Feast of our familiy's Souls in Heaven...

Tomorrow is the feast of All Saints!! Get ready for pictures of St Michael, Mary, JP II, and either Juan Diego or the Holy Innocents (Can't decide if I want to be that dark with a 5 month old).

November 2nd is the feast of all Souls, so I thought I would share this with you...
I thought I would show you something that John Paul drew while we did school today. We were learning addition... like DAY 1 addition. The first time to use the concept in Math, and as an example, I talked about the 6 Dawson family members on earth + the 2 Dawson members in Heaven = 8 members all together in our Dawson family, then he few this...

He said, "It's a picture of you with Agnes and Andrew in your belly. They're dead now, so they're not there. They're in Heaven now."

It's amazing how God blesses us with the precious thoughts of our children...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Domestic Church -

On the off chance that anyone who reads the blog and has heard my writing about Domestic Church and is interested in what I'm so fired up about, here is a webinar that was done with David and a few other family life directors around the country...

I should warn you that it 56 minutes, but the first 7 explain how it came to Louisiana (through David) and what being involved actually means.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jacob is TWO!!

Where to begin? The 2 yr birthdays are always a big deal to me... mostly because I have always had the next baby before "the baby" turns 2. Because our children are all exactly 19 months apart, we have always had a 5 month old during the 2 birthday extravaganza...

So... Jacob Joseph Dawson. Who is he? "Mr. Compassion" I always call him, even though he gets middle named quite frequently for doing something he shouldn't, he is quite to say "saw-wy" with a hug and sloppy kiss. His first year of life was no joke...  but now, he's a fantastic sleeper and eater (except when he's done eating and turns his plate/bowl/cup over or throws the food on the floor). He loves being a big boy and can tell you so, "I bee bowah"

He says many things (now whether they are intelligible requires David's and my presence to tell you that they are actual words). Some of the cutest are "Baw" - Mom , Paw Paw- John Paul, Dacob -Jacob, Bikah - Micah, Beeeeg Qu-uck - Big Truck,  Ma Boo Bah - Magic School bus, etc etc etc

 Chick -Fil-A Cow Appreciation Day - 9 months
A famous face he made for a while- 9 months

Jacob is our sweet sweet boy. He's also been the first one of our babies to have an overnight hospital stay! And as of today, he's the first baby who's choked and needed the Hymleck... yes you read that correctly. He choked and I ran out into the street screaming for help bc my best wasn't working. Then I prayed a Hail Mary for help... out came the chicken.

 Jacob at 5 Months... which is how old Micah Philip is TODAY!

Here's Jacob at 1 Year!

And our sweet little man, big brown eyes, curls in the back. I just can't get enough of him! What a treasure. What a gift. Praise God for our 2 year old Jacob Joseph!

His party planning consisted of a conversation that went something like this: Me: Wanna go to Gatti's for Jacob's birthday? David: that sounds good. Me (about 2 hours after that): wanna call some people to meet us there? David: that'll be fine.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to do the pumpkin Patch... Dawson style

Go 30 minutes before closing...

 Jacob will be 2 on the 22nd

 Big brother!

 Treasures in a haystack

 And then your battery in the camera dies.