Tuesday, September 29, 2009

House Borrowing

Well, we are here! Lake Charles is now home... not so much that we call one particular place "home," pretty much just the city. David was on a retreat Thursday through Sunday, and through that time, John Paul and I stayed at my parents (same house I grew up in for all you Lake Charles-ians), and this week we are at Sarah and Steven's house while they are in Colorado (see "Greens Living" blog link if you wish). So we are borrowing this one until we can close on the house we are suppose to move into... a week or so. I have learned that "or so" is the most frequented phrase coming out of my mouth lately.

Any Lake Charles ladies- feel free to pay a visit to the Green's house... we're here!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bye Bye Erwin Drive

Bye Bye Erwin Drive...
The first house we had together.
We brought the first baby home to it.
The house that I thought I just wanted to be OUT of.

Life is never what you thought it would be... nothing like I pictured.
God has provided for us like I should have known He would. My mom came today and helped tremendously! Tomorrow, Pete (David's fabulous brother) is coming to help move the man stuff.

We will be at my parents for a few days, then my sister's house for a week while they are in Colorado... our stuff will be in storage (again- not like I pictures, but abundantly provided for).

To our friends and loved ones east of the state- thank you for a lifetime (for David) and 10 years (for me) of love and support, laughter, and countless other blessings. We will miss you... and maybe we'll be back here before we know it- as life tends to LOVE throwing us curves. Bring it!

To our friends and family west of the state - Get Ready! Cause HERE WE COME!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Wedding Weekend!

David's sister Elaine Lucille was married this weekend to Ross Joseph Muggivan... what a wonderful wedding! She was beautiful, he was handsome, they were all smiles, he (and his groomsmen) wore a kilt... the music and food were to die for. The ceremony was so sacred... with some laughs here and there, including when John Paul responded "Amen" several times. Ross is from Ireland, and his family came all the way to New Orleans- what a testament to Ross! And so that makes 3 weddings in 2 years for David's parents... 10 year old Patrick is next. We'll give him some time.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mama!

Here's to you, Mama! In 59 years of life, you have successfully landed yourself, a nursing degree, a master's in Public Health, a Nurse Practioner... ness, 36 years of marriage to a precious man, 3 fabulously fantastic, super genius children, two exceptionally good looking, and nearly perfect son-in-laws, three grandchildren who adore you... and 1 in the oven who will soon, and somehow you have not lost your mind being at the side of your interesting 2nd born... even in the seemingly most difficult and, uh... messy moments of life (with a smile, I might add). You are a gift and a beautiful mystery that I have been blessed to have in my life! All my love to you today.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A month of Firsts!

First Bike Ride: he's borrowing his cousin Madeline's helmet, so most of his trip was seen out of one eye. He would say "GO GO GO" when David picked up speed! This kid loves life!
First trip to the Lake Charles Spray Grounds: He was ready for a nap, so David and I probably had more fun than he did... no matter.

First Trip to the Beach: Thank to the Robichaux family of Thibodaux (Friends from Camp) who invited us to Grand Isle! John Paul ate it up- literally. All sand in the mouth, and he continued to crawl in and out of the waves, not caring that eventually, being submerged in water can hurt you (he would scream when we pulled him to higher ground- not surprised)
First trip to the park- is anybody catching on that David is the best Daddy EVER? He have one of John Paul sliding down the big kid slide by himself, but I didn't feel like being judged for that one- but you're catching on to the dare-devil-ness that is John Paul Dawson.
And finally FIRST BIRTHDAY! Back in August (I know it's been a while). Like his mother, he loves icing! We had to take the cake away for fear that he wouldn't sleep for a week from all the enjoyment of cake- like mother like son!

I will soon post a video of his first STEPS!! We're not rushing this one, because obviously, he will be a firecraker one his feet get under him.