Monday, June 29, 2009

Up in the mountains!

We took John Paul to Black Balsam for a hike with our friends the Gennaro's. We had a blast!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Clapping Video... and typical camp-ness

His favorite place is in "the circle" where all the action is and to be playing with the tiny rocks (which he tries out in his mouth and tosses).

Who took John Paul? Seriously... I have no idea who those people are... bloody pirates!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Teething, Colds, overnights, Oh My!

It's been a fun and trying couple of days. As head of paddling, David takes paddling overnights (paddle all day, camp out in the mountains, paddle all day, return around 7pm), so he is on his second of the summer. Our John Paul is cutting his third tooth in a month, and I honestly cannot tell if that is why he's not breathing/sleeping well, or if he's got a bug of some sort (with the amount of fun he has in the water/grass/dirt, a little bug wouldn't be suprising). Just keep my men in your prayers (and maybe a short "let Mommy get some sleep, God" would be nice for me).

All the while, I am so grateful that God has called us here this summer. It will certainly never be possible again, and this makes for a very very very interesting summer.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Clap your hands!!!

John Paul is clapping! He started it on Sunday, but I didn't see it until last night at dinner int he dining hall! Camp has lots of singing in the dining hall during ALL THREE MEALS of the day. I was so annoyed by it at first, fearing that he would freak out and have to be taken out to save his sanity. But it has taught him to converse at meals, to sing, and to clap!

I will try to get a video of it up- we caught it as I discovered it. Yes I cried. Why? Don't know.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday David!

My super fantastic major gift of a husband is 27 today! May he know just how precious he is in our lives and how grateful we are to be blessed by his presence. I love you, David, more than you can ever know.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Camp has a new meaning...

We are in week 2 of camp, and the experience is most certainly different! I am no longer a "program director" over anyone but John Paul, and David admits that his "power house paddling" days are done, but that he is now a servant-type and is focusing more on teaching these kids true paddling techniques... plus he's teaching at the girls' camp instead of the guys (this camp has girls and guys split except for 1 co-ed a week and mass if you're Catholic). We are loosing sleep at night, not because we're up late pulling pranks the other camp or running through the dark or doing other ridiculous camp things after hours, but because our son is teething and is still getting use to a new place. It's a totally different experience! God must have some idea up his sleeve, because are certainly learning a lot already- we're having a great time.

Friday, June 5, 2009

We have arrived!

We are here at Camp Kahdalea in Brevard, North Carolina! It's rainy and cool, and John Paul slept peacefully through a HUGE rain storm, even though we are in a cabin with screen windows. David and I were up half the night wondering if "that thunder woke him up?... do you think he's ok?... I'll just check on him..."

We are adjusting well, and everyone here- I mean EVERYONE- is ready to help and is totally in love with John Paul, our sweet little man. As you can imagine, if you've ever been to "camp," there are a lot of people everywhere you go, and there is a lot of noise and stimulation, so he NEEDS NEEDS NEEDS his sleep. He's napping supurbly - despite it being in a different place each time as we settle in and figure things out- and he wakes up at 6 or so, only to nurse and sleep between us until 8 or so. David will be on the paddling staff, so he will be in the white water rivers and lakes of North and South Carolina all summer, so please keep his safety in your prayers. We are blessed that the Trufant family (owners and directors) have their home about 100 yards from the hustle and bustle, so we spend great time together up here. God is so gracious and merciful, and He is providing EVERYTHING we need- even a double matress to place on top of the two twin beds we've pushed together as well as a cabin that has 3 rooms to give John Paul his own room, and a "master" bedroom that has a couch and chairs in it. We're really roughing it up here.

check out the website, and I will post pictures soon!