Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Transitions = Dying to self

Having a baby is quite a transition. I have learned and am learning that the only way to "survive" and to embrace the changes is to allow myself to be broken down, to die to myself- what is comfortable and easy- and to plunge head first into redefining life as I know. It is not easy. In fact, is so hard that I have to CHOOSE this (dying to myself) daily, otherwise I can't receive the grace and the joy in store. All this, of course, is how we get closer and closer to Heaven. With that in mind, I wanted to share a song that has touched me to my core in recent weeks...

You could plant me like a tree beside a river
You could tangle me in soil and let my roots run wild
And I would blossom like a flower in the desert
But for now just let me cry

You could raise me like a banner in a battle
Put victory like a fire behind my shining eyes
And I would drift like falling snow over the embers
But for now just let me lie

Bind up these broken bones
Mercy bend and breathe me back to life
But not before You show me how to die

Set me like a star before the morning
Like a song that steals the darkness from a world asleep
And I'll illuminate the path You've laid before me
But for now just let me be

Bind up these broken bones
Mercy bend and breathe me back to life
But not before You show me how to die
Oh, not before You show me how to die

So let me go like a leaf upon the water
Let me brave the wild currents flowing to the sea
And I will disappear into a deeper beauty
But for now just stay with me
God, for now just stay with me

In the theme of Thanksgiving, here are the people who are helping me get to Heaven- thank you. You are my life. You are my true joy.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A first

We all went for a walk... all five of us! I hadn't exercised yet, so this was WONDERFUL! The first neighbor we saw had this to say- Neighbor: Hey, you know there's a limit to how many children can fit in one of those things (a stroller). Some response to humor him followed from David, but I don't remember what he said. Neighbor: Have you ever heard of that family with all the kids? They had 20 or something like that and they moved out the oldest daughter to have the 20th (which is not true). I responded with something like: we have a ways to go to get to 20. Thank goodness we were strolling in front of his house and had passed in front of him enough to end the conversation.

Our conclusion? Have more than two children or mention that we don't have a set number of children that we want and people start comparing us to the Duggers. Oh well. "Let it be done to me."

We enjoyed the walk and the fresh air.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Newborn noises

A few seconds of content and a few seconds of the downward spiral... I love him!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The last week and a half...

Not much to report. New born transition information inserted here (i.e. sleeping all day, playing at night, covered in milk and spit-up, John Paul and Therese are in love, so are we.). God has provided so much love and support from so many friends and family members. Our hearts are so full. Thank you.

Here are some pictures- if you never saw John Paul as a newborn, he was a lot like this (dark hair and dark complexion). Enjoy!