Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wow- I haven't seen you in 10 years!

My 10 year class reunion was this last weekend. The showing- awesome!! The venue- beautiful!! The wine- so tasty! The conversation- so rejuvenating and fun! I had such a blast! There are movies, books, blogs, and lots of anxiety by many over class reunions- this was a first for me, and it was so much fun and totally worth it! Though the Dawsons were one of, oh, 6 families to go to "Family Day" at the COUNTRY CLUB (if you skipped out on it- you MISSED IT!), but it was a fantastic weekend all around, as evidenced by the complete exhaustion that Sunday brought. Totally worth it, and I must say: I am not at all the person I thought I would be after 10 years, but I am undeniably grateful that God's plans were different than my own.

These were taken from the roaming photographers - the fantastic Mr. and Mrs. Courville! Thanks!


Sarah Green said...

so glad it went great...sorry we have not got to talk about it yet. Summer in Colorado = lots of guests :-)

Maria in Lewis Land said...

So glad it was fun for you! That's funny how few people went to the family day. Our class were late bloomers in terms of having kids. Not many little ones at the 10 year reunion. The funny thing is that about ten of us have had new babies in the last two years - many, our first! And we'll be having our 25th reunion this fall.