Thursday, June 24, 2010

Training recap... and a few thoughts on reality

Just for the record, I have a bachelors in early childhood education and development as well as a masters in Child Development. What was my thesis? Attachment- a theory which states that in practice a baby is to be picked up during the first 6 months when he/she cries no questions asked. Reality? see the previous post... I have more than one child... and we pray there will be more than these two. I hope my major professor sees this and laughs... or cries... sorry Dr. Pierce.

Day one:
1st nap- 30 minutes of going in and out until she fell asleep
2nd nap- 15 minutes!
3rd nap- didn't work and we took her out of bed to nurse and love on her until we went to mass

Day two:
1st nap- Rocked to sleep by Grandpa (pronounced "Gwuppaw" by John Paul)
2nd nap- not even 10 minutes
3rd nap- don't remember

Day three:
1st nap- not 10 minutes
2nd nap- 20ish minutes and slept 2 1/2 hours!!
3rd nap- no go (I picked her up and nursed her. I would rather a tired and fussy baby than a non-sleepy baby who might possibly feel abandoned in any way)

Day four:
1st nap and 2nd naps- didn't take long but she slept less than 1 1/2 hours
3rd nap- currently going on- it's felt like an eternity that I listed to her cry. Even after 5 minutes of silence from the monitor, I heard her again and sounding so sad. Silence now in the monitor for 15 minutes. We'll see how long she sleeps.

And as for John Paul? His sleeping has not been altered by the sound of sister in the room next door. (She's been in our room since birth. These naps have been in her big room/bed.)


Sarah Green said...

Child development was my easy class in college and now I think the books from that class should be in the fiction section of the library!

The Donald Family said...

have you ever read, healthy sleep habits, happy child? it is the best.... what do you think it means that all of us early childhood grads do sleep training =)
miss you friend, but love reading about your family.