Saturday, July 3, 2010

Christopher Camille Brooksher

Mauree Harris Brooksher (married to Steven Brooksher) was 33 weeks pregnant as of Thursday morning. She was only measuring 29 weeks, and after an ultrasound, she was checked into the hospital in Baton Rouge to be monitored until the baby was born. The next morning, the OB decided that the baby (gender unknown at that point) needed to get out ASAP.

After deciding that a c-section would be better than trying to force her body into labor 7 weeks early (which she was advised would take a very long time and would put her already too tiny baby in distress) Christopher Camille Brooksher was born at 3 lbs 5.5oz and 16 in. He has been breathing on his own since birth (miracle #1), is thriving in his little hot box (miracle #2) and has been sucking well on a pumped bottle (miracle #3). At this point, Mauree will go home Monday while Christopher will stay behind until he is able to better regulate his temperature and can nurse well. It could be his August 19th due date, but maybe before then. I don't have a picture of him except on my phone, but just picture a tiny little man who looks like a fighter and sleeps peacefully inside his little incubator.

Please keep the Brooksher family in your thoughts and prayers.

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