Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Life lessons

These last few weeks have been rich- with joy, with learning, and with productivity. What do I mean? Why are these pictures so random? I'll explain and we'll see if you can figure out which pictures:

1) Some day when I'm 60, I will want to have a house of screaming kids. One who won't eat veggies and one who is collic-y.
2) A day at the park is a day well spent
3) I will drop everything when John Paul says he wants to hold Therese
4) Infants are so nice and portable
5) Making your toddler sit in his chair until he eats "just one more bite" will lead to sleeping problems for him and the food will NOT get eaten.
6) My kids are the BEST! Like seriously- the best.


Maria in Lewis Land said...

Love the lessons - Love the pictures - love the Dawsons

Sarah Green said...

YAY for babies! I CAN NOT WAIT TO HOLD BABY T!!! Imagine the next phase in baby-talk: Im gonna hug her, kiss her and gently nibble her little toeies-oies, give her rasberries on her little sweet baby neck and then do it all over again until she starts crying and I hand her back to you :-)

Haley said...

So sweet! I just love that newborn stage when you can sling 'em and do whatever and they just sleep :) and fyi your kids are beautiful!