Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"You think too much"

Is what I'm told every now and then. My thoughts lately? Am I loving John Paul enough? He's been extra emotional and wants to be held ALL the time. Do I indulge? OF COURSE! I'm so in love with the little man, and the thought that I might not be loving him enough since Therese arrived keeps me up at night and in tears on David's shoulder quite often. Does he feel neglected? He's not eating very well. He's not sleeping during the day, he's all runny nosed... what a minute. Runny nose, waking at night, cranky... hmmm.

Doctor's visit reveals an ear infection.

Do I think too much? Probably. Will the medicine fix everything? Probably not, but it's nice to know that it's being taken care of. Besides, John Paul is God's children FIRST, and that means that He can love him much better than anyone. So when I can't get to him right away, it's helps to remember that God will swoop in a help out.

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Sarah Green said...

Darbonne you are an amazing mother. I have seen you in action! Your babies are so fortunate to have you, as am I! (not as a mother but a sister, oh you get the point) See yall so soon. Counting down the days. And also "I love fonzie: :-)