Wednesday, May 26, 2010

8 week check up! (revised)

As expected, we have a tall amazon daughter - 95% in height and 75% in weight! She is super happy, a pretty healthy seeing as how she and John Paul have begun sharing. First to be shared is a nasty cough. She loves to be with people and loves to talk... imagine that! I will post a video of her talking as soon as I can.

The night presented us with a 101.5 fever when she woke to eat at 3. That was a first for us as parents, so we put rags under her arms and it broke quickly. Phew! She spent most of the day (after the original post) moaning in discomfort and sleeping. When John Paul had his 8 weeks shots, she slept... for a solid 24 hours. Anyway, it has now been over 24 hours and she is fever free and starting to return to her precious, smiling, people-loving self. Can I just say the Dr. Thompson is the most wonderful pediatrician EVER!!! We often thank God for our health, but it certainly makes us appreciate it when it's gone- an opportunity to offer up our struggles is a good way to look at it- easier said then done, though.

And a new addition to the blog- see the link to videos on the right! We are just now getting this feature through Fotki, so we are slowly uploading ALL the videos since John Paul's birth! Give us some time and check back often- for now, enjoy John Paul in his first 6 months. ADORABLE!

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Valerie said...

There's that beautiful girl! Bateman misses her, I can tell.