Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sayings of John Paul - translations included

you white, you kay? = are you alright? are you ok? Spoken when he hurts himself/falls

gotchu pass? = Therese, do you want your pacifier?

you goh kihhh me = you've got to be kidding me!

Hey mama/ hey daddy (laugh while you say it) = said any time he has been separated from either of us for ANY length of time. For example if he was in his room playing and came to see me in the kitchen.

nee me hode jew? = pick me up

they you go = stop singing, mom

What da heck? = seriously, he said it to me.

Wasome befess? = Want some breakfast? Spoken after each wake up or when he's hungry.

comomama, lesgo = Come on, Mama. Let's go. Usually said when I'm nursing T or when he wants someone to play with him.

mocycoh, vrumm vrumm = motorcycle, his first obsession

see wheel mocycoh? = take me outside to see the real motorcycle parked across the street

choo choo twain Thomas = Thomas, the train... his second obsession

watch choo choo twain twacks? = said when he wants to watch the Thomas video over and over and over and over and over again.

fisit. fellof uh da twacks = Fix it... fell off of the tracks. Said when he forces it off so that we will come and play with him. And once we play with him too.

once sa mocycho, ok.= will you make the motorcycle rev up and drive along the floor for me?

We wuh wock you? = Will you sing "We will rock you" (This is the lullaby he prefers when being rocked to sleep... yes the Queen song. Sing it to yourself, then picture David or I rocking a not-yet-2 year old to sleep in his little pajamas with his special blanket and sucking on his pacifier)

Wipe ya hands? = I'm done eating, so wipe my hands so I can get down and play

ooh... = said when suggesting something that he thinks needs to sound like it a good idea. For example (see above translation) "Wip ya hands? Wipe ya hands? ooo, wipe ya hands!"

And for showing off, he knows the "Our Father" the "Hail Mary" the "Glory Be..." and can say most parts of the mass. He doesn't understand when someone says "Can I shake your hand?" but he understands when I say, "Give him Peace" (which is from giving the sign of peace at mass."

He also pretends to be the priest when he sees a circular, flat anything. He will raise it up, whisper something, then genuflect. Seriously.

Why does he talk so much? Have you met me?

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geauxcory said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! Landry always wants me to stop singing too. She says "no mommy, ok". When I pretend I am sad because she wanted me to stop. She tries to play it off by saying, "Hi Mommy, how are you today?" and smiling really big. Funny kids!