Thursday, October 18, 2012

Little glowing embers

It has been a while, I know. A few people have asked me where I've been, so I will let you know what is going over here. There is a song that is speaking to the depths of me. The words are : "Faith is not a fire as much as it's a glow. A tiny burning ember in my weary soul. And it's not too much, it's just enough to give me hope. 'Cause love moves slow. Love moves slow." I have no pictures to show (Jacob will be one soon, so be looking for some then), and not much to tell you. First trimesters are not easy, and with three precious treasures (all full of energy and questions/babbling, I might add) coupled with the constant feeling of a hangover (don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about) have made this a time that God is giving me just what I need... and no more. I am grateful to have been forced (again) to learn to live one day at a time. David continues to be super husband and father- always eager to be present to our children. He is making a Crusillo retreat this weekend and I am glad that he will have a weekend among men AND that he will be ministered to, for once. He is doing Jujitsu with a friend, and it's seems to be a nice something extra for him. He is a gift, and something that has become obvious to me is that being David's wife is my FAVORITE thing about myself. Hands down! So blessed. John Paul continues to stumble through homeschooling... correction... John Paul's mommy continues to stumble through homeschooling. He counts to 100 and recognizes all the numbers as well... not kidding. He hates pencils, but humors me if I help him. We are discerning what is the best decision for next year. He is a young 4, but very coordinated in many respects. Therese is getting to be SO MUCH FUN TO BE AROUND. She sings, dances, reads, wakes up early and goes into the kitchen to put sugar into glass baking dishes. Oh you don't do that? She can no longer wear the hand-me-downs of her older friends/family because she is as big as them. She sings very well and is a fabulous big sister. Jacob is a hoot. T-E-M-P-E-R! He is almost sleeping through the night on a regular basis. He can do 8 to 5:30, but usually there is something else goin' on in the night that he feels he must share with us. He now only nurses 2 times a day which as helped with feeling sick (me, I mean). He will be one on Monday- not kidding. I will post much more on our Jacob Joseph then.

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Erin Franco said...

Girl I so GET where you are right now. I'm there too--maybe on the tail-end of it by the mercy of God.:)

What you're doing is enough, is a lot, is holy, is blessed. God knows it and your husband knows it and both of those guys are the only ones who matter--and both of them are SUPER proud of you.

Total personal pep talk to myself being typed in here by the way.:)

I don't get to see or talk or keep up with you often, but I'm praying for you as a sister in faith as we speak.

Enjoy those delightful kids of yours and give your great husband a hug for me when he gets back. :)