Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I think this blog can be a vessel for a good message every once in a while, but I'm no writer, so here goes: I've been wrong! I posted about my faith like an ember, and it has been lately, and I thought that God was ok with our relationship being like this; that sometimes HE must calm the fire of His love to teach me something (like a kind of spiritual dryness, I guess). But something happened this morning. I was reading James, which said this (or something like it) : draw near to Him and He will draw near to you... He is jealous for you. I realized that, though MY faith and love for Him in this last few weeks has been an ember, HIS NEVER STOPS BURNING LIKE A BLAZING FIRE!! Even if I am experiencing spiritual dryness, as for HIS end, it still burns passionately. He- the greatest lover- never stops desiring to love us with everything He is and has (which is everything). He is a gentlemen and will wait for us to ask Him. So this morning in prayer, I asked to desire Him more, to love Him more than an ember's worth. His response? I am jealous for you- your unique love, Kate, which can come from nobody but you, and I long for it. Here is my heart! It burns for you!
He does not simply mean for us to drink Him in like a little water fountain, like in first grade where we had 5 seconds to drink because others were waiting in line. His Grace (and mercy for that matter) are an OCEAN!! The next analogy: an ocean, not a glass of water. A blazing fire, not an ember. No matter what my heart resembles- a little ember or a small glass of water.
What came next was a song I was asked to play at a retreat. The video is a bit weird, but the words have brought me to tears this morning- He said (says) to me (to you): He loves like a hurricane, all I have to do is ask Him to come in and love me like this... Lord I ask you to remind me that your Sacred heart burns with passion, love, and sacrifice for me. Let this be what gives me the ability to love my husband, my children (born and unborn), and my friends like you! HOW HE LOVES US. I am not simply referring to the awesome act of love on the cross, but through that very act, in each day, in each moment, He loves! Feel free to use this prayer- we can make some pretty good ones when we're raw in front of Him. Play the video, and hear How how He loves us! Thanks be to God! "And I realize just how beautiful You are and how great your affections are for me!" I also don't want to give Jacob's birthday post the shaft, so scroll down to see our sweet Jacob's birthday post!

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