Monday, May 23, 2011

So, David's in Poland

I promised an explanation for those of you who were curious:

David previously worked for the LA Governor's Program on Abstinence before we were married (I know that sounds wierd. They didn't make him quiet because he got married, he just got a different job, but I am laughing at how that looks). His former boss has been working with many people in Poland- why? because Poland is basically going through what America went through in the 60's- the sexual revolution. So people in Poland (don't know who and can't really be more specific than that) are asking for help in jump-starting Abstinence Education for teens in Poland. They had David help run an "Abstinence Camp" for teens back when I was just pregnant for Therese, and now he went back to be the Key-note at a conference and workshop to train the teachers, so to speak.

That all happened on Friday, and every day since has been stories of his travels around the country. When he gets back, I will post pictures, but I will just say that he's having a great time and has seen at least 17 saint's reliquaries (graves) and who knows how many churches. He said, "I'm coming home a new man." I am pretty much in love with the old one, so this might be interesting. He returns Wednesday. Adrenaline is low over here and it's up to God to fulfill His promise that He would be my strength while David's gone... so... sleepy.

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Mike, Adi & Drew said...

That is awesome! I'm so glad people are concerned in the abstinence of young people. Teaching 15 year olds has really opened my eyes to how rampant sexual promiscuity is today and it makes me so sad. I hope we can be successful in teaching our children the importance of waiting, even though all around them, the world will be convincing them otherwise. Blessings will overflow to your honey and your family for his efforts and I know that you are so proud :) I would be!