Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We've had a favorite book at our house entitled Are You a Ladybug? and John Paul knows all about the stages of a ladybug- breaking out of its skin, eating it, eating aphids, breaking out of its skin again... yummy. David discovered LADYBUG LAND at Hobby Lobby. It comes with a certificate that we mailed in and then were sent ladybug larvae (that's right). We put them into ladybug land and watched the larvae do just what the book said. What a treat!

One of the first things we do in the morning.

Daddy showing John Paul how it's "just like in the book"

Ladybug Land! We were given food and a dropper to give them water. You feed adult ladybugs by soaking a raisin in water for 15 minutes. It cost about $20 altogether.

John Paul's comments during his observations:
"Wake up ladybug larvae!"
"The ladybug larvae came in the mail?"
"They're sleeping up high" (they go to the top of the dome to pupate)
"Goodnight Ladybug larvae, you're not the right shape yet!"


Elizabeth Delaney said...

This brought such a big smile to my face. Y'all are such cool parents!

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