Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dryer sheets and rhodium plating

2 things that give life a little kick!

My mom told me that you can use dryer sheets as dusters... it works so well. And each time I do a load of laundry, I use the dryer sheets and do quick dusting somewhere in the house... wish I would have known this during my nesting phases!

I got my rings cleaned, polished, and rhodium plated the other day. My ring is white gold and almost three years of marriage and 2 babies has taken it toll on my beautiful rings. NOT ANYMORE! My rings look like new! I highly recommend it. It's amazing how seeing your wedding ring shine like the first day you received it gives you a boost and makes you wanna plant a big 'ole fat kiss on your hubby... too bad mine is out of town. Oh well, I'll just look at my rings then.

And here are some cute pictures of John Paul and Therese.

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Maria in Lewis Land said...

I'll bet there has never been a post title like this in the history of blogs. :) Just LOVE that picture of Therese. Sweet girl.