Thursday, January 28, 2010

A request...

For those of you whose email I do not have, I just sent this out.

To our friends and families,

Some of you may remember an email that was sent to you about 18 months ago asking you for your prayer requests to be offered up while we were in labor for our now 17 month old John Paul. You may also remember a follow up email re-explaining what we meant because I (Kate) am terrible at explaining things.

Well, Baby Dawson #2 (James David or Therese Marie- still a surprise) is due to arrive somewhere in the vicinity of March 11 (what's a due date anyway?) David and I would like to ask you again "What can we pray for in your life?" As you send your replies, we record them and bring them with us to the hospital, where with each contraction, we will offer up your intentions. If you're wondering about the first baby's labor experience... well, we went through the list 4 times. So, be assured that you will be prayed for and that your intentions, if you request it, will be kept between me and David.

Thank you for the opportunity, and we are looking forward to hearing from you!

God Bless you!
Kate and David Dawson


Eric and Jessica said...

What an awesome way to welcome new life!

My prayer request is for my boys...that Elijah and Klaus may grow to know and love Jesus.

geauxcory said...

You are amazing!!! What a selfless thing to think of others while you are going through labor. Just amazing! I'll email you my request.