Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And life goes on...

The Lake Charles "March for Life" was a beautiful success, and Maria snapped these shots... yes the same Maria who has unknowingly become my life's photographer.

David arrived home from Washington DC safe, sound, and sickly from 30 hours of riding in a charter bus breathing the same air as 50 other people. Yeah. He's much better, and in fact, he is now gone AGAIN to run the St. Louis Sr. boys retreat in Dry Creek. Yeah again. But 2 days seems like cake compared to last week. I know I only have one child right now, so no complaints out of me. That one precious child is napping now, and that's just what I'm going to go do. Week 35 is here... so here we go with the "ooh, what was that?" and "uh oh, should I go in?" phase of pregnancy. Woop Woop!

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Maria in Lewis Land said...

If you wouldn't have such an adorable family, I wouldn't feel so ogliged to constantly capture you all on film. You leave me no choice. :)

Can't believe you're in the home stretch of your pregnancy. SO excited to meet James Therese! (Are you sure he's going to be okay with that middle name? Or will she be okay with that first name?)

Oh wait, it's James/Therese!!! Never mind.