Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Before Christmas ends...

So, I am taking Christmas down in pieces, because it's actually STILL Christmas until the Baptism of the Lord... which is this Sunday (and TODAY is the Epiphany, woo hoo!).

So I wanted to give a suggestion for the precious Christmas cards you probably have. I took the ones that have pictures of John Paul's family and friends that he sees pretty often (cousins, aunts, play group friends etc), and I made them into a book.

If I were more creative, I would have done card stock with names in them and oodles of other precious decorations, but because I'm Kate, I put them into Sandwich bags for now. If I get to anything cuter, I'll take a picture of it, but for now, it's a great book for him during church and in the car because he LOVES looking at pictures of people he knows. Also because there are no words, I can hear him making up his own.

This saves you from not knowing what do with your cards- hope it helps!


Valerie said...

I like your idea missy!

Maria T said...

I have a little Facebook of family - but the cards are a great idea to add other photos of folks.

P.S. I get tickled everytime I see your header picture. I though David was wearing a turbin of some sort - until I realized it was the angel on top of the tree. :)