Monday, April 13, 2015

Mary Clare Dawson ... the arrival post!

Just one day after her due date, Mary Clare came. Wednesday March 18th at 9:23 pm. The labor was during the day, the epidural was glorious, I could still wiggle my toes, and by 10 pm we were all quieted down and loving on our newest little olive plant!

 Sleeping beauty

My precious friend Amber came and is she captured a few moments...

Then the children and the grandparents came...

The first eye poke was captured...

Now we've been home for three weeks, and it has been a wonderful, fantastic, CRAZY, precious time with our larger family... I think it's safe to say that we have a big family, don't you? If you disagree, keep it to yourself until a year passes, ok? 

We had two wonderful weeks with David home. He's back at work now, and we're most definitely taking life one half-day at a time. 

Which is working out really well...

 (So maybe she's not into matching with her big sister...)

And how are the other big kids doing? 
They are superheroes!! 

Thank you for your prayers and know that you were prayed for during labor and delivery! God is so faithful and gracious! Praise God!!

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Adrienne said...

She's precious! Congrats, Dawsons! I LOVE the finger poke picture...too cute! Their faces are priceless and the one of you and your girls, that sweet big sister's face...amazing!