Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Joyful anticipation... or at least attempting it.

Praise God we have arrived at full term (39 weeks and 2 days to be exact), and after a few trips to the hospital, some injections, some expensive prescriptions to stop contractions from causing any trouble, Mary Clare seems to be fully alive, jumpy, and content... you heard me. She's going nowhere.

Rather than worry about every little twinge and timing the daily false labor, I've decided to resign to the fact that I will simply be pregnant forever. It's been quite freeing, actually, because if I'm NEVER going to deliver Mary Clare, then I can get used to the pressure, the contractions, the insomnia, and the mood swings because they will be our family's new pet. See how I make jokes?

I'm not the best sufferer as most of my friends and family know, but I am certainly praying for a spirit of JOY-FILLED anticipation for our newest child. After three miscarriages, to be able to reach full term and meet this newest daughter, there is much to anticipate. This morning, however, it brought to mind the reality that we've had 5 beautiful years with our precious Therese Marie. Everything about her has been formed within this "only daughter" life she's lived so far. It has made her who she is, and oh how we love her so...

She is larger than life, and true to her namesake. Here's a perfect example of their similarities (she with St Therese of Lisieux): When St Therese was growing up, she and her older sister were approached with an offer of a basket filled of ribbons and they were told to pick the one they liked best. St Therese's response? "I want them ALL." THAT is our Therese Marie. Every flower, every beautiful sight, every chance to snuggle, every chance to hold a baby. As my mother says, "She takes life in big gulps." We ride in the van often listening to Therese "singing Polish" while the rest of the car is completely silent. And because Mary Clare is due so close to Therese's birthday (which is March 14th), Therese has already rehearsed what she will say to Mary Clare when they finally meet. "Hi, Mary Clare, I'm your sister Therese and I've been waiting for you, and it's my birthday." She is CERTAIN they we have somehow concocted the best birthday present for her... a sister. Yes, dear,  that's exactly what we did.

So I have here a few more pictures of our life in the Dawson world as we have so enjoyed living in Mandeville. We are grateful for God's providence in bringing us here and in His gracious love in sustaining us. We are blessed indeed...

 Jacob (3 1/2) and Micah (21 months) are a fantastic handful. Jacob is the funny man, and Micah is surprising us daily with what he remembers and has the vocabulary to for. 

I turned 33 last month, and David took them all to pick out special gifts for me. It's hard to see, but John Paul picked out a crown, Therese picked at the rockin' necklace, Jacob picked super larger dangly owl earrings (he must know I'm still a Chi Omega at heart), and Micah "picked out" a Papa Johns gift card. I want to say that David found a beautiful reliquary for our first class relic of St Therese, so now she's visible to us instead of in a little box. We're takin' care of you, Sista. 

Boys Boys Boys

The "Big Kids" of the Dawson grandbabies: Therese (almost 5), Luke (3), Micah (21 months),    Liam (5), John Paul (6 1/2), Ceceilia Jane (22 months), and Jacob (3 1/2). 

And Therese is holding the newest Dawson - Maximilian James, who is the fourth of Pete and Julia. Yes we have our children at the same time. Laugh, but aren't you a little sad that you didn't think of it first? My sister-in-love and I are always pregnant and then nursing together... good times shared with precious family.

When Daddy works from home because Mommy is on bed rest... the mice will play?

Me and my T

Is our 3 1/2 year old potty trained, you may ask yourself? The answer is a resounding NO. Have I thought about training him? Really? Of course I have. Is the stress of training a precious little man who's afraid to teetee, etc worth the complication of NOT having three in diapers? Not even a little bit. I've had three in diapers before and we survived just fine. Potty training is for another time... like when I'm NOT 39 weeks pregnant. There. That's my excuse.

I just love this one. This is her response to, "Therese, smile." I was able to take the older three to our precious next door neighbor's powder puff football game. It was so nice to have them with me, because very soon, it will be David who takes the big kids on outings while I'm home with Mary Clare. Because I was fully aware of this, we went from the game strait to IHOP and had pancakes and hot chocolate! Soakin' it up, y'all!

 Meet Taylor. Our sweet next door neighbor and sole babysitter at this point. Before Therese could remember her name, she would call her, "the girl who is really generous." She's a senior in high school, but we won't talk about that...

And so our family waits- we are so excited to meet our next little olive plant. 

So long until "the birth post"

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Erin Franco said...

Love your posts, Kate. Please keep writing and being-down-to-earth and keeping-it-real. You are a jewel. And keep the pictures coming. Love following you guys from afar (but not so far as before the Mandeville Move:). HUGS!