Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"Ca C'est Bon, " cried the hurricane!

Well we're one month into being a family of 7!

It's been insane!! Today in particular I am learning a very important lesson... it's so cliche'!! DANCE EVERY DAY. Why am I saying this? Because I have cried the last few days each time things get a little hectic: baby is ready to eat. Someone is whining. A 22 month old (which speaks for itself) 2 children who have quality time and physical touch for love languages (and they haven't been getting much of it). Homeschooling has tanked...

No this is not a post to complain or to ask for your sympathy...

I stumbled upon one of my favorite CDs from one of my FAVORITE families on the planet! I have played it each day when I feel the hot tears brimming. I pick of the child/children who I might throw through the window (yes I said that) and dance with them... sweet relief for every one. I wouldn't change this INSANITY for anything! I love being up to my neck in my little olive plants. God is so good (and He isn't afraid of a little insanity).

And now I shall leave you... because the 3 1/2 year old has his easter basket stuck around his neck. The baby is screaming to nurse and the 22 month old is trying climb out of his crib.

So in the words of this next song, "...don't be afraid to try to live the good life!"

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