Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Therese Marie is 3!

It was a nice day at the park! Therese was her wonderful life-of-the-party self (with one occasion of pushing cousin Liam right off a ledge). A sweet friend brought a cake for her, and the wind provided for a wonderful breeze while all parents did the typical park dance: "waltzing" between visiting with other adults and tending to/running to save children. As requested, Therese had a "pink and white" party...

 Checking out the cake!
John Paul and Liam playing with some party favors!

We had a little celebration Thursday morning with donuts and her present from us... CANDYLAND!!

 So, Jacob likes to give kisses. It's how he says thank you and sorry.
Therese is such a joy! She lets us experience ALL facets of parenting. She is the life of the party, she's always up for a trip, she loves to walk/dance around the house singing. She likes to be read to and to snuggle. She also like to hop on out of bed and remind us what we forgot to do in an effort to hang out with us a little longer. She is super tall for her age; I wonder what I will do when I have to discipline someone who is taller than me. We are so in love with our little, big girl. For now she remains our only little girl, and she's handling it quite well. She can be as girly as 6 girls, but can wrestle with the best of them. She takes after her namesake, for sure. St T was quite the girly girl, but wasn't afraid to disagree or start of fight in order to make her point. Good to know that our little girl is following the footsteps of a saint... even if it means getting in trouble from time to time. Thank you God for the gift of our Therese Marie!! She is an ASSET to the Dawsons- for we would not be the family we are without her.


jennygen said...

Happy birthday, Therese! She is so beautiful! I was sorry not to be able to come in for the party. But I'll be making the trip up soon to meet Micah :) Love you.

Sarah Green said...

I love you Therese Marie Dawson!