Tuesday, March 12, 2013


7lbs 6oz 19 1/2" long:  Sarah meeting Isabelle for the fist time.

 Anna Kate (4) and Madeline (5 1/2). Notice the precious shirts they're wearing. These girls are naturals!

 A Family of 5!!

 I must admit that Sarah took this one because she found it humorous- the giant belly girl holding the newborn. That might explain the expression on my face. I couldn't get enough of this little doll. 
In the words of a friend, "Sarah and Steven have magical DNA and just keep making little Disney princesses".

 This new life will change many things in the Green house... but it doesn't seem to have had an affect on their personalities thus far.

 Going home. I posted this because I can't get over how AWESOME Sarah looks: C-section AND severe bronchitis that had her coughing up lungs prior to and after the surgery (but not during... small miracle?)
P.S. Steven is an even keeled super dad.

 Welcoming her home!!

 Ready to help! These girls are champs!

 I mentioned to Madeline that babies can only see a few inches when they are brand new, so she was making sure that Isabelle could see one of the gifts that she received. 
I guess here is a good time to mention that Madeline is reading MACHINE! I'm talking chapter books, y'all.

 There was a snow storm the day after Isabelle came home, so Steven made this baby snow man.It's the one with the hat and the giant passy... and the two eyes... which my mom though were 2 stones... but they were really rabbit droppings.

Welcome to the world, Isabelle! You have been long awaited for, and you will be loved for a very long time!!

Thanks to Granny and Grandpa for flying me up to be with you during an amazing week!
Click here for a play by play of this week's events.

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amberV said...

She is so beautiful! And Girl I am loving that belly of yours :)