Friday, March 15, 2013

Meet Micah... the sneak peek.

We had our 30 week check-up today. David and the kids came. I wish I had pictures of their reactions, because they were priceless. Therese said, "Oh, Mama, your baby is so cute!" When I asked John Paul how he felt about seeing his baby brother on the ultrasound, he said. "I just looked at the tv and then I saw him." (I should have remembered that I was talking to a boy).

And yes, we have decided to name our newest little Dawson Micah. Where did this come from, you may ask? Well you may remember that David gave me a silent retreat for Christmas. While I was there, my prayer went something like this, "Lord, it's just you and me for the next few days. I would really like to use this one-on-one time to hear what You want this baby boy to be named." Over that 3 1/2 days, the name Micah came to me many many times. (I guess that happens when you read the old testament... from the prophet Micah :)  It has since been confirmed in David's prayer as well. I have no problems admitting Micah was not on my/our list... not even on the short list... but Pope Francis wasn't on anybody's list either, and he's blowing me away already, so there's lots of hope.

So enjoy MICAH ... the sneak peek.

 This little profile is my favorite.

 Don't worry, he doesn't have a nose chain or anything... the umbilical cord was in the way the whole time.

 Yes, that's a foot... did I mention his Mama was a Bluebelle?

This funny little face reminds me of the other three.

I have mixed feelings about ultrasound pics. It's as if we're seeing something we're not suppose to. But the gift of life is so precious, and if there is anything that will increase that reality for anyone (including myself) I will post many many more of these. Praise God for the gift of life.

Speaking of the gift of life... stay tuned. Somebody turned three this week!!
(Thanks for capturing this, Maria)


Maria said...

SO precious. Can't wait to meet little Micah.

Anonymous said...

Oh this made me so happy! One day during spring break miss Chelsey will be coming by to get some Dawson love, I love y'all. All 8 of you! Can't wait to meet Micah!