Monday, September 10, 2012

5 years... and all I have

September 8th 2007
This anniversary is a big one, not only because it makes 5 years, but because of this very statement that I made to David: David with everything that has been going on this week with the kids, the house, and with our busy lives, and I so sorry to say that I have nothing to give you, not even a letter or a poem (which is something we commonly give each other on birthdays and anniversaries, etc). His reply? Kate, I was going to say the same thing, and that means that we are giving each other all we have- ourselves. And through God's grace and providence, we have received and give ourselves to our children...born and unborn: John Paul, Therese, Andrew Thomas, Jacob Joseph, and Agnes Karolina.
Thank you God for the ability to learn, day by day, to learn to give of myself more and more. I guess I should also tell you that David said this very statement: "You are 10 times more beautiful now than you were that day..." My thoughts? Imagine what a knock-out he'll think I am in 5 more years. This could be good...

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Linda Foreman said...

So beautiful! i love your family.