Sunday, June 12, 2011

David Dawson- my life's gift

Our David is 29! I am so grateful that his parents said yes to receiving such a gift! David is holy, compassionate, funny, caring, light-hearted, understanding, empathetic, funny, serious, Christ-like, gorgeous, Christ-centered, funny, adventurous, learned, hilarious, intelligent, so good-looking, and the list goes on and on. Anything I pictured for my husband has been completely blown out of the water- he far surpasses anything I could have asked for or imagined. Loving David is a testament to God's goodness and mercy (because I don't deserve him). Did I mention he is the best Dad EVER!?!? And while we're talking about good-looking, we have some seriously beautiful children with all their Daddy's good looks to thank for that! (If you're wondering, they got my personality and his looks- hang on!) So here's our birthday weekend...

Homemade cinnamon rolls - Can't decide whether to thank Paul Dean or to punch her. We all needed sugar/butter induced comas after breakfast.

After the priestly ordination of our sweet friend Father Jeff Starkovich (YEAH!!!) we headed to Lafayette to be with most of David's family - Mimi, Grandaddy, Uncle Pat (Patrick), Pete, Julia, and Liam!

We sang and David blew out his candles on a pistachio cake his mom made - the joke it that David (who is not a typical cake and icing kind of a guy) likes all foods weird and different. A text I received from my mother-in-love the previous day said, "Pistachio cake. Is that weird enough?"

We played cranium (a must if you haven't before) and a really good time proceeded to take place

Including a little dancing to 90's pop (don't knock it til you've relived it)

And today we swam at my Aunt and Uncle's House - complete with Granny, Grandpa, Renee, and ICE CREAM CAKE!!!

It has been a wonderful weekend: Celebrating David's birthday, celebrating the church's birthday (Pentacost), and celebrating with new priests.


Elizabeth Delaney said...

You have some lucky kiddos.

jennygen said...

Great pics! Love the first one of JP. Miss you guys.

Maria said...

Oh how I love this post. Happy Day to David and thanks for all the kidlet pics. So missing them...and you.

Sarah Green said...

Thanks for these pics and awesome dancing video!
Kate, let me be your big sis for a second: you deserve only the don't think you don't deserve anything or anyone.
You are so deep and I am not! It works out :-)
Love you see y'all in 4 weeks!