Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The switch is flipped!

Ok, the light switch. You know when babies are learning to walk and they hold fingers and refuse to let go except for a few consecutive steps here and there? Then one day, the light switch it flipped in their little bodies? They begin trying over and over and out of nowhere they can't seem to stop practicing?

That happened in Therese today... at the library... in Moss Bluff. We have never been to this library before and it was a largely attended tea party. She must have seen all the little kids walking around in this small space and decided to give it a go. She even walked to strangers and reached for the story teller before we left. She then proceeded to walk around in circles repeatedly at our friend's house. The switch is flipped. Now, of course, we're home and the ambiance of home has made her gun-shy again, but I wanted to let you know! Could we call her a toddler? I'm pregnant, so it doesn't make me sad. She's almost officially a toddler. WooHoo!

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