Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holy Week and Easter!

What a blessed week is has been! John Paul was able to make it all the way through Holy Thursday Mass (admittedly my FAVORITE Mass of the year) which we celebrate the institution of the Eucharist and the Priesthood... I was a basket case. Good Friday was beautiful (and redemptive- the kids were skipping naps and we were on the front row), I hear the Easter Vigil was moving and Easter Morning, we went to the Bishop's Mass. We got our "apostle" on Easter morning!! Sarah and her family came from Colorado, so we have been enjoying them immensely!! Christ is Risen!!

Anna Kate and John Paul (who are cousins, not twins) dying eggs!

Therese Marie in her Easter dress from Granny...

...which was removed once she found the mud!

John Paul Easter Morning!!

The Egg Hunt at Granny and Grandpa's on Easter Sunday... Therese knew egg-sactly what to do. John Paul paid no mind to the reality that some eggs were plastic and some were real, so he was chunking/throwing/splatting his eggs into his train basket... no paquing those eggs! We head to Baton Rouge Thursday to see the Dawson's - can't wait!!

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