Friday, April 8, 2011

Just in case you hadn't seen them lately...

Therese Marie- the cast is off, but these pictures were fast favorites of mine.

Those ARE beads around her neck. She finds them and puts them (all of them) around her neck.

John Paul- my sweet ever-changing little man. He's recently remembered all the fun things he's done in the last few months and uses their memories to manipulate me. For example: I want him to eat one more bite of peas. "Mama, you had fun at the zoo? And uncle Pat's playing baseball?" OR he's climbed half-way out of his bed and it stuck. "Mama, you had fun at the parade?"

Note: He pretty much has no grasp of first person, so he's speaks about himself in second.

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Maria said...

Okay, it's TIME! I need my Dawson fix. Last night during prayers, G said, "God Bless Ms. Kate, Mr. David, John.......Ohhh...I love Ms. Kate. Can we go see her?" These are SERIOUS withdrawals. Love the pics. The last one of JP looks like Joseph! :)