Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween and a Haircut- 2 Bits!

John Paul was his name's sake- Pope John Paul II... see the hat (miter), sash (cincture), and pectoral cross? His robe was size 4T button-down... anyone need one? David was a Queen of Heaven student gone astray- that is a real mohawk that I shaved the night before. The earring is my mother's clip. There are no words. Oh, and I was a ceiling fan- it's ok if you don't get it, because most people didn't.

At the OLQH "Run for Others" where David and our dear friend Fr. Nathan were these ridiculous students (Fr. Nathan wore tatoo sleeves that looked as if he were covered in tats) and ran a 5 k while John Paul and I ran around in the cold- this thrift store find was much warmer for the morning festivities (can you tell it was 6-12 months on my tall baby?).

And the haircut by my cousin Herman. He did well overall. As small nick on his neck at the end didn't set very well with him, but I decided not to post that picture.

Here is the initial reaction to the constrictive cover-up and the somewhat new sound of an electric razor (though he loves when I vacuum, so I don't know that the sound bothered him).
And as always, our little ham did just fine. Here again is "silly face" which he offerred to us on his own. He also had a few Reese's Pieces when things got tough for him... and we sang him his favorite song "We will rock you."

David says he looks like Ralphy from "A Christmas Story"... I'm ok with that for now.
Make sure and check out all our pictures from the last week (complete with a "humpty dumpty" of a sister in law and a "ballerina" of a brother-in-law)! Click on the link under "Our family pictures"


jennygen said...

HUSH. YOUR. MOUTH. That is the cutest thing I've ever seen! He looks exactly like Ralphie. Awww I miss y'all so much. Your belly is wonderful! I want to smooch it!

geauxcory said...

I have seen his mama make that face quite a few times!! I think I have about 10 wedding pictures where your mouth is wide open. He learned from the best ham!

Maria in Lewisland said...

I get your costume. Ha! John Paul was adorable as the Pope. David's get-up was too funny. Love the haircut pics, too.

AND cool new background for the blog.

Amy Langley said...

John Paul is soooo cute. I agree with Amber's comment. All of your facial expressions are great. and it is great that you've passed them on.

Christa Mc said...

hey girl - your blog is kinda hard to comment on.. fix it by following these directions: