Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dear morning nap, it's over for us!

That's right... I think my 15 month old is breaking up with his morning nap... I've said this so many times since June, but I'm serious. But I really like his morning nap. It was so good for him. It was so good for me! I wish this were only a break, but I think he's really made closure.

He's doing the whole "I'm cranky and need to lie down, but I'll fool you for 45 minutes, then you'll need to come get me, ok?" And then we play and continue with our day until 1-ish, at which time he'll only sleep for 1hr. 45min. Is this what it looks like? Come on seasoned mamas... what's a pregnant mom to do? I was so looking forward to him keeping it until the new baby gets here in March, so we could all get extra sleep in the morning. I guess that's a special grace that God gives mamas with babies who are extra close together (which I consider 18 months or less).


geauxcory said...

Sounds like he is transitioning. Landry went through the time where she'd get cranky sometimes in the morning, so sometimes she'd still take a short morning nap. But honestly, I started making it a point to get out of the house during that time to keep her awake, that way she would get a good nap in the afternoon. It is kind of hard getting used to no morning nap. But the good thing is that when the new baby gets here, you can use that time to have some one-on-one time with John Paul. Or, if you need to get something done, you can give John Paul some "room time" where he plays independently for a while. That is a life-saver for me sometimes.

Becky Eldredge said...


I would tend to agree with you! The good thing though is...when they drop the morning nap...the afternoon nap gets much longer!

Brady is still napping a good 2-3hours every afternoon.

Get all errands run in the morning, and you savor that afternoon time for YOU!

Maria in Lewisland said...

I'm feeling your pain, sistah, except we've still got the on again - off again relationship with that morning nap going on. I will say that on the days I need her to rest in the morning for whatever reason, I get her up earlier in the a.m.

I'm guessing the transition is going to be tougher than the end result. Hey, but what do I know?