Monday, November 4, 2013

FINALLY a magazine that's worth reading!!

Verily magazine is a recent publication that a friend is generously letting me read once she's finished. Rarely have I read a magazine cover to cover, and even more amazing, rarely has every article, picture, advertisement be appropriate, tasteful, important, and addressed to me AS I AM, and not AS I SHOULD BE.

The tagline is "For who are are and not who you should be" They do not alter ANY photographs, their articles speak of healthy relationships, modesty, Truth without pushing Christianity (but I'm willing to bet EVERY one of the writers is a strong Christian) and they cover important world issues as well. There's style, grace, relationships, culture, news, it has it all... and without some half-naked woman or hard alcohol on the front cover.

 This is an image from an article about motherhood being the most important job and that your college (and beyond) education is NOT wasted on being a stay-at-home mom.

Imagine a magazine that pushes this idea (left).

This (right) is the picture for an article in their most recent issue about learning your body's natural menstrual cycle, for many reasons other than family "planning".

A quote by Henry Nowen? Seriously, is this magazine too good to be true?!

This article impressed me the most: it addresses the danger of "the villainess mystique" and how this new trend in learning a villain's "back story" leads us (our children) have a blurred understand of good and evil (i.e the problem of relativism). So grateful to see that they are not afraid to address this really scary issue in today's culture.

They even tackle the universal problem of "what is a modest bathing suit" 

I could go on and on. The point is this: There is a magazine that us ladies to read, enjoy, and read life-giving words, receive genuinely feminine fashion tips, and feel like we women are in this together rather than against each other. So grateful for this magazine. Check it out...


Katie Sciba said...

I have it on good authority that every last one of the founders is Catholic :) We have a couple of mutual acquaintances.

Erin Franco said...

I am asking for a subscription for Christmas:)