Monday, August 19, 2013

John P'auls First Day of School!

Just wanted to fill you in like other mom's who's kids go to "regular school." We had a great day, and I know that schedules were the reason. I have devised a schedule for everything and everyone through 4 o'clock, because while I love organizations, charts, and lists, I am also borderline crazy and have 4 children 5 and under. So for all those people at the grocery store who say, "How do you do it?" the answer, besides grace, is my rule... I'll explain:
 I have these schedules do my thinking for me, so I know that breakfast on Mondays is Cinnamon toast and yogurt, the main chore for me is David and I's clothes, the little kids will have stickers, crayons, and paper at the big table to occupy them if they so choose to have "school" too, and lunch is PBJ's and fruit. Mother's Rule of Life and one of my closest friends have given me great practical tips on pulling this off.

Hard to believe, but I was able to do daily readings, Liturgy of the Hours, breakfast, Monday's laundry, school, exercise (by exercise I mean like 5 minutes of lifting weights, but whatever), dishes, outside time, and lunch all before noon mass. Now the very obvious thing missing here is real quality time with the other kiddos, and I pray God will provide that each day... one day at a time.

Here's his class room... if you've been to my house, it's the foyer:
Here's my sweet little man at his desk on his first day of school!

"Look! That's me holding a plane!" He has also asked me to write "John Paul is 5"

Micah Philip- 12 weeks and 4 days of preciousness! JP has asked me to write "Therese is 3"

And little of what he's up to these days: at this age he is already putting his hands together, grabbing his feet, grabbing at objects in his bouncy seat, and he has (no joke) rolled from front to back.


Claire said...

Go 'head, mamma! That school sounds awesome! You are superwoman!

jennygen said...

That's really cute :) Love the pic of him at his desk.