Saturday, August 17, 2013

Homeschooling... buckle up!

I can say with a large amount of truth behind it that we attempted homeschooling with John Paul for his Pre-K year, which was last year. I can also admit that what started out as a scheduled, fully interactive homeschool experience quickly tanked when we found out that we were pregnant... or really more when the first trimester's joy really settled in. So with the help of Catholic Icing and a very large workbook of all skills pre-K, John Paul finished the "School year" with a great amount of skills and knowledge needed to say that we did a good job and that he was educated at home for that year.

All the while, David and I discerned, discussed, cried (ok, it was just me who cried), and prayed hard about what God's plan for John Paul's Kindergarten year would bring. We are blessed in Lake Charles to have public schools as not only a viable option, but a very good option for educating our kids. We also have great Catholic Schools from which to choose. So we didn't feel like we had no choice. And so, [insert very big sigh] John Paul will be at home this year. I will be using a Catholic curriculum  and his little classroom will be our foyer, so that he can concentrate. I have lots of little activities for Therese and Jacob, who will no doubt be wondering what John Paul is up to... so the foyer classroom may need to be moved to our kitchen table OR a total revamping of our guest room, which has really become a toss room.

I am nervous, and frankly though I have a bachelors and a master's in child development and early childhood education, I have seen that book knowledge means not a whole lot when the rubber meets the road. God will provide... he will HAVE to provide... did I mention we have a 12-week old, a precocious 3 1/3 year old, and a mama's boy 21 month old? We know this is the best choice- God's choice- for our family this school year, and He has been faithful to us all throughout our journey of marriage and family life... don't think He's gonna ease up on that now.

I have found fantastic help from friends who've home schooled as well great resources online! I wonder how homeschoolers did it without the internet? without free printables? without support? with activity ideas for your little ones? without scheduling help?

Social interaction, you ask? Did I mention we have a 12-week old, a 3 1/2 year old, and a 21 month old? He has plenty! You will see pics quite soon of John Paul at his desk in his classroom... if I could just find my camera!

So... field trip anyone?

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Carrie C said...

Sign me up for the field trips!