Saturday, June 15, 2013

Some old photos you will certainly enjoy!

David somehow retrieved pictures off my old computer I used from graduate school up until we moved to Lake Charles (so 2006 - 2009). Enjoy...

 Trying on the wedding dress
 David and I at Festival Internationale '07
 Engagement picture
 Minutes before our wedding. Sarah is holding Madeline (4 months)
 Madeline (15 months) meeting John Paul for the first time
And in celebration of Micah's upcoming baptism, here is a picture of John Paul's baptism...
And Therese Marie...
And like most things associated with Jacob that I cannot seem to get to/find... I cannot locate a picture from his baptism, and Micah is crying. Jacob you are loved and appreciated... just not in this post.

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Maria said...

What fun pics. When I see the pic of David at the Festival - I totally see Jacob. And JP's infant pic with Madeline looks so much like Micah.