Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So much to tell you!

In the last two weeks, the Dawsons have been rockin' and rollin' (not just because Micah sleeps in a Rock-n-Play)...
  • We had our first Domestic Church family retreat in St Francisville- 18 families- which added up to about 40ish kids- 4 days, talks, family time, Mass, playing, praying... all done with our families! (I don't have any pictures of this yet)
  • The Green's came in town from Denver, and we were all together for a week. We met Isabelle and the Green's met Micah. That makes 7 grandchildren 6 and under at my parents.
  • We had our first professional pictures taken with the Darbonne's, Green's, and Dawson's
  • Micah was baptized!! A new child of God, Claimed for Christ! This Sacrament is so incredible- what a gift to witness it!
  • Micah reaches 4 weeks old tomorrow... it's big deal!!
So here are some shots from those things:

Mom and Dad will celebrate their 40th anniversary later this month, and love to celebrate with cake!!

Madeline loves her Uncle Joseph
 Isabelle Reese... or Baby Belle as Daddy calls her. Just over 3 months old. I am so in love!
 Anna Kate (4) and Therese (3) are truly 2 peas in a pod! They walked everywhere holding hands. They took their naps together. They're sneaky together. So precious!
 Madeline (6) and John Paul (almost 5)
 She read lots of books to him.
 Isabelle and Micah are 10 weeks apart. Apparently it's merely a difference between size of cheeks.

 Meal time... where nothing was eaten because they were visiting.
 Jacob (20 months) "Cheese"

 Maria Lewis (of Lewisland) took our family pictures...

 And a few extras...

 Joseph and Dominique (his precious girlfriend) ... two peas in a pod.
 Oh and here's our family picture
 And our sweet little Micah Philip was baptized on Sunday (his godparents are dear friends of our Denis and Linda Husers). After we finished this part, Therese said, "Ok, it's my turn now!" I then informed her that she was already baptized.

 What a special day!

And now I need a nap...


Claire said...

Amazing pictures! Such a beautiful family!!

geauxcory said...

Love! Love!! All the pictures and words to go with them. I love your family to tears. You guys are all so beautiful

Haley said...

Great pics!! You guys all look so much alike! So cool :) So, the garden is easy peasy. I was tired of going to the store to buy like two tomatoes...we just built an above ground box with 1x8 wood and filled it with dirt, stuck in the plants, fertilized it and waited. I seriously barely water it and it is growing fruit & veggies already. I think the placement is key. part shade, part sun. Do it! The kids love it!